Slots Features for Dummies

The modern gambling market is full of all possible types of games, which are, of course, of various quality and offer different types of entertainment. Experienced fans of free casino games will agree that slot machines are equally popular in land-based and online casinos among players today. It is obvious that online slots are far more complex games than their land-based variants are. Their complexity lies, first of all, in the certain number of features available there. So, what do modern casino slots offer? In this article we would like to explain basic free slots for fun features or how they work.

Free Spins

Free Spins. People like ‘free’ things that is why free slots with free spins have such a great popularity among gamblers. If you open the paytable of any online slot and read about the free spins online slots feature, this means that you have the chance to spin the reels of a slot free of charge for a defined number of spins. Usually, three or more special Scatter or Free Spin symbols activate this feature. The free spins feature often goes along with the multiplier of all bonus prizes and some interactive options. Gamblers like when they can win (or re-trigger) more free games during this feature. As a rule, all nuances connected with this extra option are carefully described in the appropriate section of a slot game.

Bonus Game Symbol

Bonus Games/Rounds. Another ‘must’ of modern online slots is the presence of the bonus game or round. These bonus games, which usually take place on the second screen and develop a slot theme, add more entertainment and fun for gamblers and even guarantee nice wins. The majority of free slots with bonus games have special bonus symbols, which activate them. However, some bonus games can be activated randomly. If you want to test online slots with bonus rounds, you should be ready that bonus rules of these rounds differ. In one slot your task can be only to observe what is going one on the screen and take your prizes. Popular bonus games are based on clicking on symbols or objects, picking them or matching them in order to get prizes. There are also multi-level bonus games, which require the highest level of gambler’s participation and interaction and, of course, offer the unforgettable gambling experience.

Wild Symbols
Wild Symbol. It will not be an exaggeration to define this slot feature as the most popular and even obligatory for modern gratis videoslots spelen because it is very rare when you cannot see a Wild symbol among other game icons. To explain the principle of work of this symbol in slots we can use the card terminology and name it a joker. This means that a
Wild symbol is able to replace other icons (usually, with the exception of special ones) to complete winning combinations. Of course, this happens only when this substituting process is both possible. We would like to say that some Wild symbols have extended features, can multiply your line wins, activate bonus rounds, etc. There are also different types of Wild symbols in modern free slots.

Stacked Wilds. These Wild symbols are subtypes of regular Wild icons and greatly increase winning chances of every gambler. In general, the principle of work of a Stacked Wild symbol is identical to a simple Wild icon described above. However, Stacked Wilds have some extra features. They appear on the reels in stacks 92, 3, 4 or 5 symbols) and can take from 1 to 5 reel positions. Then they stack on their places for the defined number of spins and perform their substituting functions in both PC and mobile slots.

Scatter Symbol

Scatter Symbol. The main difference of a Scatter symbol from other icons in a slot (both regular and special) is that even one Scatter icon on the reels will award you with a payout. In general, Scatter symbols are symbols, which should not land on a payline to give payouts. Usually, Scatter symbols activate free spins rounds and some of them can multiply your line bets.

Multiplier. Canadian players and other gamblers like the fact that certain combinations of symbols or just one special icon in a winning combination can multiply their wins or total bets. Such functions have Multiplier symbols, which can double, triple and even multiply your wins by higher figures when they are in your winning combinations. Very often Wild and Scatter symbols can combine functions of a Multiplier icon.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot. The common dream of Canada online casinos players is to become an owner of a progressive jackpot of this or that slot. Not all slot games have this feature, but those, which offer the chance to win progressive jackpots, are very popular. A progressive jackpot consists of percent from players’ bets and its sum increases with every new gambler, who plays a slot and makes a bet. The jackpot sum grows till a moment when a lucky players wins a progressive jackpot prize. There are some progressive slots from one developer, which form a network and share one progressive jackpot, which is usually very high. Every slot with this feature has its own rules of getting the jackpot prize.

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