SaleHoo vs WorldWide Brands – Top Dropshippers Award

I have been in the dropshipping game for quite some time now. The most important thing when it comes to dropshipping is choosing the right company to partner up with. There are two main competing companies at the moment, namely, SaleHoo vs WorldWide Brands.

Question is, which one should you choose? Well, let us have a look at both companies and see what they both offer. In this review, we’ll see which dropshipping company comes up on top based on their pros and cons.

SaleHoo Review

First, lets take a look at SaleHoo. According to this review on SaleHoo by Andalucia Comparison Co, we can see that SaleHoo’s pro’s outweighs it’s con’s. In the review, They have given SaleHoo a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. As stated on their site, some of the plus points for them are:

  1. The suppliers listed in their directory are all manually verified.
  2. All of the products listed by those suppliers are guaranteed genuine.
  3. They offer great training resources.
  4. For those who are beginners to intermediates when it comes to selling online, their market research tool called Labs comes handy when it comes to sourcing hot and in-demand products.

WorldWide Brands Review

The same website which reviewed SaleHoo above also reviewed WorldWide Brands. Based on their review, it appears that they have not had a pleasant experience working with WorldWideBrands. Let’s take a look at what they have to say about them:

  1. Overpriced – at $299 for a membership, they think that what they offer is way too expensive.
  2. Too many upsells – For $299, you’d expect a complete package, but instead, you will need to pay more on top of that to lock other features.
  3. Out dated user interface – it seems like they are stuck in the old days.
  4. Inactive forum – They advertise that the forum is a part of their membership fee, but what good is a forum without any active conversations?

Well, as you can see, for this round SaleHoo emerges on top as the winner. I am merely summarizing what I’ve gathered from around the web. I would suggest that if you’re interested in learning more about these two companies, that you check out the two reviews that I’ve mentioned above.

It is without a doubt that when it comes to dropshipping, finding the right suppliers directory is crucial as this will be your ”home-base”. Whether you’re looking for new products to add to your listing, be it for eBay, Amazon, or even your own e-commerce store such as Shopify, you’ll always need to refer to a directory.

The way I see it is like this. Those two companies that I talked about are search engines. One of them being Google and the other being Bing. There’s a reason why Google dominates the search engine game. It’s because they’re reliable, innovative, and constantly adapting to new changes and needs of users.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this little piece of rambling. I will keep this page updated as time goes by but for now, I hope this will do.

Best wishes,

The Awards Crew