A little stroll

Yesterday I went with some of the Scandinavians at the school to happy hour at a bar not that far from the school. This was my first time there. I didn’t have my hopes up for it but it turned out to be pretty nice. Many people that I know were there and it was fun to spend time with the Scandinavians. The music was terrible though, have the DJs here heard of house? Probably not.

This morning I felt for a nice walk so I stood up at 8.30 and went. I walked in the path in the forest on the border of the campus. Here I spotted some huge houses. Many rich people live out here. Jennifer Lopez and Ralph Lauren are two of them. Anyway, here are some pictures from my stroll.

Ralph Lauren’s house far on the other side of the Polo lawn.

Stop what you’re doing and listen to this

Today I have a long day. Every Tuesday is going to be like this in the future becasue of my schedule. 

6.15 – I get up
6.45 – Meeting in the locker-room
7.15 – Swim practice begins
8.30 – Swim practice ends
9.30 – Marketing class
11.00 – Math class
12.30 – Lunch
14.00 – International Business class
17.00 – Economics class

The last 2 classes are 3 hours each so I wont be back to my room before 20.00. I’m sitting now on my lunch trying to do this homework and this song came on my iTunes playlist. I can’t study to this. It’s way to good!

Tough workouts

Oh man we’ve had some really tough workouts with the team. This was what I least expected, I mean, there are 7 months left until season starts and I’m not saying that it’s bad we started some sort of pre-season now, but I just wasn’t expecting it. Last week when I first arrived here we had a monster practice on Monday and I was feeling a bit sick and got really sick after that prectice. I was laying in bed the rest of that day and feeling miserable. I skipped the next 2 days of practice and made a comeback on Thursday. I probably picked the worst day to do that though, it was horrible, but at least I showed the coach I was back on track. Today was the start of a new week and we had practice as usual during lunch. A lot of running and it was horrible. Don’t get me wrong though, I like it, I just hate it when I’m doing it. It’s strange but I’m always looking forward to these workouts and I like the feeling afterwards but the terrible part is to do them. Haha it’s actually that bad, so that some players are afraid of what will happen before every practice haha 😛

I figured I was going to help my friend in the team who just started a blog. You can follow all our workouts there and get some really good tips on how to push your body to death. http://eirikbjorno.wordpress.com/

Tomorrow practice start at 7 am. I gotta go to bed now. Swimming it is!

I kind of lost motivation to write here. I got a lot going on which pushes the blogging downwards on the priority stage. But as well as I get going I can go for sentence after sentence. Now—-music:


And we save the best to the last! Chris Brown!!!!! Turn Up The Music!


I’m back!

Finally! I got back last night and because of the jetlag I woke up at 7 am this morning. That’s so strange because I was up 24 hours yesterday. But the time went past pretty quickly anyhow. I was waiting in Berlin Airport for 6 hours and was fine, I got Internet at a café and I sat there doing crosswords and watching The Butterfly Effect, really good movie. But the flight from there to New York was long, 9 hours! But everything was on schedule and I managed to get from the airport smoothly with the train and then taxi.

Today I’m gonna deal with all the necessities such as unpack, try to fetch my books and refill my phone!

It feels good to be back! I heard there’s apparently 10 new Swedes and about 30 new Norwegians starting this semester :O Scandinavia is invading the school. Maybe we’ll beet the Asians and Americans soon!

Back to NY in 2 days

On Saturday 06.45 my plane is departuring from Landvetter. The last couple of days at home I haven’t done a lot so right now I feel ready to get started with a new semester in school. I’m also looking forward to meeting my suite-mates and other friends at Post. But, I’m enjoying the last days in Sweden as well, it’s going to be hard to leave everyone again!



I started the day early in the morning at the dentist. Just a regular control and I was happy the age limit of free visits to the dentist had been raised to 22 so I got 2 more years without paying left. Very good because it’s very expensive. After that I went to my high school to train with the soccer class just for fun. The trainers likes to have old students showing up every now and then.

I’m leaving Sweden on Saturday. Actually I start school tomorrow but I decided to take a few extra days here. I only miss 3 days of classes since I never have classes on Fridays. It feels really good when I see everyone writing on FB that they’re going back to the dorms. I can’t decide if I miss it or not.

Tonight I’m going to Johanna’s parents house to have dinner with them. I have nothing to do right now, so why not just watch a movie? I really like the vacation!