Summer Flashback…

Summer is a perfect time for weddings & celebrations :)
And so we Went to a couple weddings this summer…
So here’s to summer flashbacks..
Wedding #1 Micke & Diana
The wedding was in both mine and My Fiancee’s birthtown. It’s a town about 2 hours away from Swedens capitol city,Stockholm , called Örebro. So we returned to our birth city to celebrate the union between my fiancé ‘s childhood friend Micke & his wife to be Diana.
The wedding took place in an beautiful old church in the middle of the city and the reception/party was held in an old park where we used to party as kids ;)
Drinks, meze,cake, culture and dancing all night long was def on the menu :)

Totally on cloud 9 at the event at ”Hästens” tonight here with the endless talented Heroine artist Bea Szenfeld and her beautiful creation!!! She serves me so much inspiration!!! Your creations are just magical and timeless Bea!!!!
And thank you Fredrik Robertsson for a lovely evening!!! ❤

Videoshoot part.1

Sooo…Alot has been going on of late and alot of diffrent projects with multiple people in the pipeline,each bringing a special piece and puzzle part adding beauty and skill to the bigger picture!!!
Yesterday i had another videoshoot going down for another new song yet to be released called ”Under Water” produced by Lindfors and written by yours truly. we filmed the first part yesterday in a really cool enviornment with director Marko Ivkovich & my dear friend photographer/videographer Andres Rignell who are both amazing!!! Videoshoot part.1 contained shots with the ”Wolfpack” My dancers and myself. The exchange of energy , movment and our bonds to eachother just made it so beautiful!!! i’m so thankful of them gracing me with their pressence and talent!!!
It all came together beautifuly ,styled by Branded & Luna Collective and artfull custome made pieces by Kent Nyström (indian art & artifacts) ,Luna Collective and Naomi Nowak for these scenes!!!
we were supposed to film some water shots today but we are Moving up the second part a couple of days, wich prob. Is a good thing cause i cant Feel My toes,haha!!! I was’nt wearing a whole LOT of clothes so to speak ;) Sweden is pretty cold right now :) And as predicted ,as soon as i got home,lit the candles and smudgestick and climbed into a streaming hot bath it sunk in… And the the tears of JOY started Rolling Down My face!!! Thank You Christopher Bergström , Jeniffer Wallin, Benjamin Trossö ,Alina Bjerkland, Wanda Berntsson, Nimatha Suberu , Marko Ivkovich, Svante Malmström, Lindfors, Louisha Grunström ,Luxhairious Kent Nyström, Indian Art & Artifacts, Marikas Dans & Modestudio, Luna Collective , Branded, Naomi Nowak & Andres Rignell for this magical day & 4 making it happen!!! And thank you to all the beautiful people in my life for making it possible for me to do the Things My Soul craves and live for!!! Slept like a baby last Night … So Thankful for these moments Where i get to be around and create with such talented beings!!! ❤
Stay tuned … More info, stories and BTS to come ;)

Earth Below, Sky Above

So many great things and blessings in my life right now:)
i’ve had creative meetings all day with some amazing people!
I cant wait to create with them:)
But I needed time to refill… ground my soul… As the afternoon came my spirit and soul felt tiered… and the best way i know to truly clear my mind,cleanse and fill my body with light & life is to be with Mother Nature. Let her Embrace me… let peace and silence voice my inner truth and reboost me…
In her warm and beautiful embrace i release … Thank U Mother Nature…

It’s out…

Decided to share Something today…IT’S OUT!!!! Please go to My Youtubechannel ( and share this moment with us.
This lullaby is something I created out of great angst & dispair ,and as I later spontainously teamed up with beautiful dancer & choreographer Wanda Berntsson
,decided to share this piece of art in all It’s complex simplicity :)
I Hope you enjoy it!!!
Thanx to Danielle Lundgren & Luna Collective for contributing to this little piece of art.
Filmed by: Danielle Lundgren/ Lluna Collective
Styling & makeup by: Luna Collective
Hair by: Victoria Persson
Customemade pieces by: Indianart / Kent Nyström

Inside Photoshoot

So we were supposed to do a photoshoot outside today but the rain was insane and my hair kept fetting poofy,lol
So we had the photoshoot inside instead,and rescheduaöed the outsideshoot for tomorrow!!
hopefully it wont rain tomorrow!
Smokey Red eyes in Todays photoshoot with my beautiful fellow artist & friend Sandra Nordström !!! We had sooo much fun!!!
Makeup & Styling by: Luna Collective
Hair/Locks: Louisha/ Luxhairious

QX Magazine…

This day could’nt have started out in a better way as My performance from this weekend at Fredrik Robertsson Party of the year ,Headlines in the magazine QX !!!
So Happy and Thankful!!