Vinn finalbiljetter till Eurovision i Malmö inkl resa/boende

Vera&John – Ett roligare casino bjuder in till en roligare fest! Ta chansen att vinna biljetter till finalen i Eurovision Song Contest i Malmö den 18 maj (inkl resa och boende).

1. Spela valfritt spel på
2. Vid vinst, ta en screenshot och posta bilden här på vår Facebook vägg med ditt användarnamn som kommentar *
3. Gilla oss och var med i utlottningen om finalbiljetterna
4. Vera&John kommer slumpmässigt att dra en vinnare när tävlingen är avslutad

– Tävlingen avslutas den 10 maj, LYCKA TILL!

* Era användarnamn finner ni på


Social Media Manager – NEW JOB!

I’m so incredibly proud to announce that I got a DREAM JOB! I will sit on one of the most enjoyable jobs, have my office and the view of Sergels torg which I hold so close to the heart after the demonstration I did in 2010 against racism. My role on the super cool webcasino company; Vera & John is as their Social Media Manager.

I have never stopped believing in myself and my driving force, despite two extremely tough and difficult year, I ALWAYS looked forward and been in an energy where I do not allow myself to limit myself in the illusion that I would not cope with anything , I do not see any risks, I see opportunities. I’m not afraid to take hold of opportunities, create something with all my heart, my business as a photographer Felicia Margineanu Photography, our dear Beauty Team – Felicia & Marisel & our fantastic Fitnesskampen are something I have put all my heart and soul and it has given me such an incredible energy and confidence in whatever I takes me an, I see no limits, no obstacles, only opportunities and visions! I am so psyched for this, and welcome Vera and John to my heart 🙂 You have already caught mine!

Thanks to everyone who has been there for me all these years, who pushed me and never stopped believing in me. Today it was my turn. I did not give up what I believe in, and that’s the value that I KNOW that I deserve to be in a place where I feel comfortable, will be highly appreciated and may be developed and be creative in my own way. Not taking any job just because, I am so proud that I have dared to stand up for it and not given me.

You deserve everything you could ever get, it’s just you and no one else that prevents you from opportunities. When they come, grab those and give your whole heart and soul, then nothing but kindness, gratitude and love come to you. That I promise you 🙂

Celebrating love

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas! I celebrated with my family with Christmas dinner and presents 🙂 I really love Christmas, there’s something magical about the energy and everything gets a little more cozier !

After the celebration with my family it was time for wedding!! My childhood friend had her wedding, it was finally time for her to get her man!! What an amazing evening 🙂

How was your Christmas celebration? Where in the world do you live? Please tell me I’m so curious! 🙂

Tennis tennis tennis!

It feels so damn good to be back again at the court 🙂 I played tennis at elite level when I was 12 but I quit after 6 years of playin because of my lacking of self asteem and bad confidence. Tennis has haunt me for the past 8 years… And for two weeks ago I decided to start play again 🙂 I can finally play for myself an this my friends is pure joy!!

Bachelorette party!

Yesterday was an awesome day! We celebrates my childhood friend bachelorette party! She’s getting married in two weeks with her husband and they are so happy 🙂

We kidnapped her at their place and made her into a sexy hip hop bride 🙂 then went to a big shopping mall where she had to cell Xmas presents. She had no idea what was in them , I put a ginger in a big gift bag! Haha.. She actually got in over 400 kr!!

We went to my place where we had prepared with food and snacks. We played games and dances for a couple of hours then it was time to hit the club 🙂

Once again, congratulations !! We love you and can’t wait for the wedding 🙂