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tumblr_nvoeuuUJZK1qz4awho1_1280PHOTOGRAPHER: Gilbert Alexey
antarctica_3699360946_oPHOTOGRAPHER: Antonio Mora (unsure about this one)
PHOTOGRAPHER: Colin Delehantvia Kīlauea volcano PHOTOGRAPHER: Unknown
tumblr_nok5vyPzip1rs8w78o1_1280PHOTOGRAPHER: Yuta Matsuda
west-land-endscabo-da-roca,atlantic-ocean-αPHOTOGRAPHER: Unknown

I am very keen on giving credit to the photographers behind the amazing photos I post and sometimes I cannot find the source despite reverse picture search so whenever you see a photo with an unknown photographer but you know who the photo belongs to don’t hesitate to inform me! All artists deserve credit for their work!

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