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Can never get tired of waking up here. The place we’re staying at is in Amoudi Bay just below the hill making it very calm and private. Imagine waking up to only the sound of waves, fresh air and a blue view over the docks – it’s like that. This time of year Santorini is PACKED with people so to have the opportunity to get away from the crowd just by heading back to the hotel is somewhat unique for Oia. And considering Amoudi Villas doesn’t serve breakfast Lucas and I bought some goodies at a local market so we can sit and eat on the balcony with the comfort of our own company. Sure, hotel breakfast buffets in all its glory but the introvert in me would rather sit and eat in a calm environment if I have the opportunity. Love it!

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Lucas and I finally arrived at Santorini on the night from Monday to Tuesday after a pretty dramatic departure before even arriving at the airport. We both were hella tired when we arrived at our hotel, Amoudi Villas in Oia, and pretty much dropped our shit and passed out on the spot. So basically our first day consisted of sleeping late, explore the city, get a tan and eat good food. I can hardly take it all in because Santorini is so different som anything I’ve ever seen. I mean, I’ve seen it tones in photos or whatever but I never imagine it would actually be that pretty in real life. Pretty much how meeting Lucas for the first time felt like. Jokes aside, I’ve wanted to go here for as long as I can remember and pretty much thought it would be a honeymoon or rich thing because it was so out of reach but here I am experiencing this place with the love of my life and I didn’t have to get married or rich to do so. I honestly couldn’t be happier right now.
A friendly reminder that If you see donkeys standing at the bottom of a hella long stairway/path/whatever don’t pay for a ride. They stand in the sun without shadow, food or water and transport tourists up and down all day. If you have decent legs and health then for the love of animals just walk your way up, it’s not inhumanly far. Sure, it may seem like a fun thing to do on your holiday and it costs only 5 euros but is it really worth it?

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