Tech 2 Entretien et nettoyage

Après avoir utilisé le Tech 2, quelques étapes simples vous permettront de tirer le meilleur parti de cet outil de diagnostic.
REMARQUERNe vaporisez pas et ne versez jamais de nettoyant sur le
Tech 2 Scanner. Si le Tech 2 est sale, nettoyez-le avec un détergent doux ou du savon pour les mains. Évitez d’utiliser des solvants agressifs tels que les produits de nettoyage à base de pétrole: acétone, benzène, trichloréthylène, etc. Les solvants agressifs peuvent graver les surfaces plastiques Tech 2. Bien que le Tech 2 résiste à l’eau, il ne sèche pas. 2 avant utilisation et / ou stockage.

La maintenance du Tech 2 nécessite une inspection et un nettoyage périodiques de:* La fenêtre d’affichage
* Le clavier* Les assemblages de câbles et les connecteursAssurez-vous que le Tech 2 n’est pas connecté à un véhicule ou à une autre source d’alimentation et suivez les procédures de nettoyage détaillées ci-dessous

Nettoyage de l’écranL’écran recueille la poussière et la crasse pendant l’utilisation normale. Essuyez occasionnellement l’écran avec un chiffon propre, doux et antistatique. Enlevez les taches tenaces en appliquant un nettoyant pour vitres non abrasif sur un chiffon doux et essuyez le chiffon à travers la zone d’affichage.
Nettoyage du clavierNettoyez le clavier avec un nettoyant non abrasif. Appliquez une petite quantité de nettoyant sur un chiffon doux et essuyeztissu à travers la zone du clavier.
Entretien des assemblages de câbles et des connecteursInspectez les assemblages de câbles pendant la connexion et la déconnexion des composants. Surveillez les coupures ou les abrasions le long des câbles. Vérifiez les connecteurs et les broches de connecteur pour la graisse, la saleté et la corrosion. Si des contaminants sont présents, les retirer avec une solution de savon doux.
Stocker le Tech 2
Rangez le OBD II Scanner Tech 2 à l’écart des solvants et autres liquides. Ce n’est pas étanche à l’humidité.Rangez le Tech 2 à l’abri de la lumière directe du soleil. La lumière ultraviolette et infrarouge assombrira l’affichage.Rangez le Tech 2 dans son boîtier en plastique. Sinon, la couverture en plastique à fort impact pourrait se rayer
CommencerCette section couvre toutes les applications de véhicules
Car Diagnostic Tool Tech 2 . Par conséquent, certaines des informations fournies peuvent ne pas être requises pour des applications individuelles.
Le Tech 2 contient deux ports de communication série: le RS-232 et le RS-485. Utilisez le port RS-232 pour télécharger les données d’un autre ordinateur vers le Tech 2. Le port RS-485 n’est actuellement pas utilisé. Le Tech 2 contient également deux ports PCMCIA, un connecteur de prise d’alimentation et un connecteur VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface). L’un des emplacements PCMCIA contient une carte mémoire avec des informations de diagnostic. La prise d’alimentation est alimentée par l’alimentation CA / CC, la batterie ou le câble d’alimentation de l’allume-cigare. Le connecteur VCI accepte le câble DLC ou l’adaptateur de bouclage DLC

Why Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P?

Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P: Shortcomings

1.The MS908PRO is not suitable for the low-end mechanics as the operational procedures are quite complicated. It mainly targets professionals in Auto-repairing and Garage Shops.

2.It is a high end product and is not affordable to everyone who would want to use.

Why Autel MaxiSys Pro MS908P?

1. Its quad-core processor, the Cortex-A9 Samsung Exynos 1.4 GHz, provides high processing speeds.

2. The compatibility of the device with other add-ons makes it possible to install a language pack.

3. The scanned data is presented as texts and/or graphs.

4. The device is compatible with a large number of vehicles.

5. Android Ice Cream 4.0 on which it runs enables multitasking and quick boot up. Almost 5 times faster than other diagnostic devices.

6. It is light, compact and robust. Therefore, you can carry and work with it anywhere without much hassle.

7. You can share data via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi with other people in your team or print for hard copies.

It’s one of the best Professional Autel Scanners!!


Does Autel Maxisys Pro Suit You?

This diagnostic device is mainly for professionals, those with Garage or Auto Repairing Shops.

It wouldn’t suit you if you are a single car owner. The design is meant to serve many people.

If you are an owner of a garage or car shop Autel Professional OBD2 MS908P, it could be of great help to you in getting things done fast.


Is It Worth Buying Then?

Autel MS908P is an all round and powerful tool that I would definitely recommend to any professional mechanics in the auto-repairing business.

It can a long way in easing up and increasing efficiency in your engine diagnostics from all the features mentioned. The returns are a guarantee.

It is a current tool that is compatible with most vehicles models. With its ‘Future Proof’ feature, it is to remain relevant with new vehicle models being released.

Autel are very good with after-sale services and you are assured of getting updates every time they are done.
So, you’ve got what you need about Autel Diagnostic Maxisys Pro MS908P.
Take one for your professional business!!

SuperOBD SKP900 key programmer Test Reports

Here SuperOBD SKP-900 Key Programmer test reports what works on what models. Hope it helps.


SKP900 can do all keys lost with every car mentioned as follows:

For USA cars:



Dodge charger 2009 fobik lost key, pulled pin and added key ok


2011-2013 FORD F-150 – WORKS FINE














Kia in USA is transponder optional and most do not have it still. Auto Key Programmer SKP900 is to program the remote.

This car used a flip key.

2013 Mustang – WORKS FINE. 10 minute security wait. Everything works perfect. There is option for Mustang 2011-2013 on my device.

UK models and other area models———–



2x Honda civic 2008 (can)






land rover discovery 3 works 100%, Freelander 2 doesn’t work.

2x Landrover Discovery 3 add key

program smart key for ford explorer with all key lost.

need two smart key after reseting. works 100%

Program smart key for ford explorer with all key lost, need two smart key after reseting. works 100%

2008 focus petrol uk model – WORKS FINE

VW transporter year 2000 and vw transporter 2007 read pin code and program the key ok.

Mazda 3 2007 lost keys

Jaguar X-type 2005 lost keys

Jaguar XJ 2006 lost key

Peugeot 407 2006 add key

2013 Mazda 3

Toyota smart key

Transit with blue key takes minutes to work

Toyota landcruiser 2009 add key ok. In adding key USA and Europe toyota are the same way ,it on all keys lost that they are both totally differents !
One can be reseted by OBD and you can do also OBD2 for some kind of toyota europe but there is a risk to corrupt dump or steering lock ,for europe best solution in my point of view is eeprom and dump way.

2015 Maserati ghibli read pin ok
Key programming ok
2013 Acura

added keys on range rover 2010..ok

did a hyundai 2011 remote via ix35 OK!

I did 2013 ford Ranger work good

ford focus 2008, OK

program remote AUDI a4 2005 ok

transit mk7 does them in seconds, both with and without working key

i try skp900 on a Mazda cx-7 smart key system and worked perfectly

Mazda 2 2010 – Regular key – worked perfectly.

Focus 2006 id63 all OK
S-max 2008 id 63 all OK
Citroen DS4 2012 mechanical key all OK with known pin
Kia ceed 2009 id 46 read pin and programmed transp and remote

Citroen DS4 2012 mechanical key all OK with known pin

-A 2013 Citroen c4 and a Peugeot 508 all keys lost, both fine. I used the OBDSTAR F108 to get pin for the C4. THe 508 the customer got the key code and pin from dealer, for the C4 the F108 gave me the pin, took around 6-7 minutes. The peugeot 508 all keys lost no problem. Customer got pin code and physical key code from dealer, I made 1 remote key with urg200 machine, and also 1 manual key with no remote.

I did hyundai i20 after the update to v4.5 and it was fine

What not work on what models:

Pear keys in uk – fail

Toyota Avensis around 2008 with 3 button triangular remote – fail

New focus smart key programming – Failed

2014 TOYOTA SMART KEY – fail

kuga 2010 not work – communication – failed

Toyota highlander 2014 LOST ALL SMART KEY – failed

2013 Brilliance Jin Bei H2L will not program key , or reset immo or replace ecm , plus wrong pin code extration too

Seat add key not on the list

skoda 2000 tdi – fail to connect

Latest ford cars add keys not ok

the juke and qashqai from 2010+ for Keyless, and with ignition lock types! –not so good.

Failed on kia picatna 2007 , x100 did
failed on Toyota prado 2014 g chip add key, x100 did
failed on Toyota forturner 2014 g chip add key , obdstar X100pro can add key on Toyota G chip by removing immobilizer and initialize data.

Fail on Toyota g chip programming, Handy baby did.

Ford Kuga 2013 – program key failed.

Toyota yaris 2003  add key fail

Failed to read pincode for jeep commander 2007 CAN model non fobik

Ford connect add key is not on the menu

Ford Focus 2005 program keys-> not working

2010 disco 4, FAILED

I read pin code for vw Bora 2000 year with SKP900 but faulty. then i read with SBB, pin ok read and program the key OK.

Here a real user’s experience, I think it is helpful:

I have one superobd SKP900 of these. for certain cars works great, others… meh

I find for VAG cars superobd SKP900 is a waste of time. for the older ones i use a clone SBB, cheap as chips and works great. For the newer ones needing dealer key, abritus.

I have done a number of kia/hyundai and some remotes, all perfect, but on newer cars with 80bit 4d chips needs pin.

i use SKP900 machine when i program peugeot/citroen remotes, or recode keys to eliminate a lostkey. Works great for psa, exept you need pin. (seperate pin reader).

tried a few hondas, only the newer ones seem to work.

my experience is, older cars use a tool like SBB, and where that one stops working, SKP900 takes over. (exept vag/bmw/benz)

granted that the menu system leaves alot to be desired. unlike other machines where you would go into brand, then model, then year etc.. this one is brand, then for example immo 1, immo 2…. just acase of trying one then the next etc… gets the job done but tedious.

How SKP900 Key Programmer add Toyota G chip and H chip key

This blog is going to show you how to use SuperOBD SKP900 Key Programmer program Toyota G chip key and Toyota H chip key. This guide is tested on 2015 Toyota Sequoia (G chip) and 2014 Toyota Corolla (H chip). Hope it helps you!

How SKP-900 Key Programmer program Toyota G chip key?


First, start key programming tool SKP900 and select “Immobilizer” function


Choose “Toyota” then “Immobilizer 2”


It will show “Choose OBD2 adapter OBD2TOOL, turn ignition on”, then turn ignition on with the original key. Press Enter button and wait for it is communicating.


Next, select “Add Key” then it will show “Insert the registered key and turn ignition on”, press the Enter button to continue.



Then, it will ask you to “Insert an adding key and turn ignition on”, so insert the new Toyota G chip key and press Enter button.


Now just wait the immobilizer light go off for about one minute. After the IMMO light is off, the new key is programmed successfully!


How to Change SKP1000 Language to English in Special Function Like Remote Keys

SKP1000 tablet auto key programmer, mainly programs kinds of key on a wide range of car brands from all of the world just like our SKP900,while SKP1000 can also performs pin code calculation, mileage adjustment, EPB+ Oil serrvice Reset and many other special functions etc.

our skp1000 language is English,but some customers may got below error in Chinese

what’s more,you can not find the choice in Setting to change the language to English

why it occured while other key programming function are all in English except remote key programming

infact for toehr special functions like mileage adjustment, EPB+ Oil serrvice Reset etc are also in Chinese too

Please don’t worry, key programming machine skp1000 factory did not translate special function language into English before selling,this is a mistake but can be solved easily as below

1.please find the serial number in adapter system information,click the red circle selection

you will get the SN

send us the SN,factory will make a” AdapterFile.bin” for you the next day,please copy this file to your skp1000 sd card in file “dl_file”

then open skp1000,find icon “update firmware”


click and wait for update,this will take 20-30 minutes,after update finished,the language will change to English automatically

Autel Releases Software Updates for TPMS Tools


Autel Intelligent Technology Corp. Ltd. has released software updates for its MaxiTPMS TS508 and TS608 tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) diagnostic tools.

The version 5.40 update for the TS508 tool and TS608 tool expands 2018 vehicle coverage for Kia, Acura, Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, Ferrari, Ford, GMC, Honda, Hyundai, Infiniti, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lexus, Lincoln, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Suzuki, Alfa Romea, Aston Martin, Audi, Bentley, BMW, Fiat, Lamborghini, Mini, Subaru and Tesla models.

The 5.40 update adds OBD (on-board diagnostics) function for  Chrysler 300, Pacifica, Dodge Challenger, Charger, Durango, Grand Caravan, Journey, SRT Viper, Avenger, Caliber, Garavan, Dakota, Magnum, Ram Cargo, Ram Rebel, Ram Series, Jeep Wrangler, Land Rover Discovery, Cadillac SLR, Chevrolet Corvette, Chrysler 200, 300, Aspen, PT Cruiser, Sebring, Town & Country, Ford E-Series, Fiesta, Transit Connect, Honda Odyssey Touring, Jeep Compass and Grand Cherokee.

Autel says the update includes improved relearn procedures for some vehicles.

To download the version 5.40 coverage list, update instructions and quick guide, as well as view new how-to TPMS videos,

Why will you choose DoIP Xentry connect C5?

Xentry Connect C5 provides complete diagnosis for newest hybrid W222,with a qualitative improvement in hardware and software by authorization of diagnostic interface to control the software,it will allow you to work on windows xp, win7/8/10 system.

Why should you buy DoIP Xentry connect C5?

Original Plan 1:1 Copy Mercedes Wifi Xentry Connect C5 multiplexer For Mercedes Car And Trucks.

After 2015, all Star Diagnosis equipment is no longer supported. First of all, this means that there is no update of the diagnostic data for the newest cars and their systems, as well as the lack of the possibility of coding and programming of electronic units due to the backlog of the software data level in the device, from data in the electronic control units of the car.

Already at the end of 2014, at most dealerships, almost all of the previously used Star Diagnosis Compact4 with SDConnect DoIP multiplexers were almost completely removed. Instead, dealers received Xentry Kit kits, which include the latest Xentry Connect multiplexers and Xentry Tab tablets from Panasonic. Tablets are custom-made, although they also have a “civilian” version – the Panasonic Toughbook CF-D1, somewhat inferior in terms of battery life to the original Xentry Tab, but it has a much more powerful configuration.

Honestly, the need to use the Xentry Tab on non-dealer services seems somewhat exaggerated to me. With dealers everything is clear – they were forced to use this equipment.
And what about workshop service? Undoubtedly, the tablet from Panasonic is not very bad … But … Its price is disheartening. The cost of the Japanese tablet is realistic to buy pieces of eight new laptops or tablets from other manufacturers.

So , we suggest you buy Mercedes Benz DoIP Xentry Connect C5 MB Star C5 Plus Panasonic CF52 Laptop from us , We will install and activate for you ready to use. What’s more, this package offer saves you money than buying them alone.

After all, there are many reasons to choose Xentry C5 Connect. The main thing is one: since 2015, the diagnostic multiplexer Xentry Connect C5 becomes the only one used at dealerships.

Thus, by purchasing this equipment, you will not lag behind the progress. Each client of of yours, seeing with his own eyes ,that you are in your work using the same device that he saw at the dealer’s service station, will understand that he made the right decision entrusting his car to your specialists.

Xentry Connect DoIP Software List:

1.DAS 2017.12: the automatically Diagnosis Assistance System

2.Xentry 2017.12: New software released by Bennz Company after 04/2009 by diagnosis new cars.

3. WIS net 2017.04:Workshop Information System
Supply the whole view of the wiring diagram in a car, component location diagram and maintenance method. What you do is to enter the chassis number, and then you will get the manufacture data, engine configuration and the car model -all in detail.

4. 2017.04:Electronic Parts Catalog

5. ST Finder:Part Location Finder options: 2008 and 2016

6. STARUTILITIES :the movement management system and self-test

7. SD MEDIA 2014

8. PL71: 2016 Mercedes software with PL70

9. Engineer Software:DTS monaco V8.03 And Vediamo V5.01.00 Support Offline Programming

10. HHT Software for old cars

2017.12 DoIP Xentry Connect C5 Benz SD Connect PCB






DoIP SD Connect C5 in test:




GM Tech2 clone program ECU with SPS in TIS2000

Here is the step-by-step instruction on programming GM (General Motors) ECUs with Tech2 scanner and SPS (Service Programming System) application in TIS2000.


Before using the SPS, make sure that the GM Tech 2 Scan Tool and the pc contain the latest software, the battery of the vehicle is fully charged, only the ignition is on power,
and all cables are connected properly. TIS2000 will not work on 2007 up GM, and software must work together with TIS2000 USB key. If you need to program Saab ECU,
you had to use Saab TIS2000 and USB dongle.

Main steps:

Step 1: Instruction for TIS2000 software

Step 2: Data request

Step 3: Data exchange

Step 4: Program ECU

Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

Check Programming result

Step 1: Instruction for TIS2000 software

1.Connect the Tech II to the pc.

Note: The hardware key (HWK) has to be registered prior to working with ‘Service Programming System’. To register a hardware key, the form that is enclosed with
the hardware key kit has to be filled in and sent to the address at the top. In case the form is missing, the document is also in the TIS 2000 newsletter (see icon in the
TIS 2000 tool bar). At first, the user receives a temporary code until the key is registered on the next TIS 2000 CD.

Hardware keys that have already been registered are still valid!

To register the hardware key select ‘Hardware Key Registration’ in the menu ‘Configuration’.

TIS2000 installation video guide

2.Start TIS 2000 on the pc.

3.Select the application ‘Service Programming System’ on the TIS 2000 start page.


4. On ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (picture below) screen make the desired selection for

1) the used Tech2 diagnostic tool

2) the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

3) the ECU location.


5.Click “Next” button to continue.

Step 2: Data Request

1) Connect Tech 2 scanner to vehicle. Power on device – “Tech 2” is displayed on the screen, then press “ENTER”.

2) Turn ignition to ON without start the engine!!!

3) Select “F1: Service Programming System (SPS)” in the main menu.

4) Press “F0: Request Info” on Tech 2.

5) If Tech 2 has already stored vehicle data they will be displayed now. In that case, Tech 2 asks you to either use the current data (hold data) or request further information from the ECU (continue).

6) For the selection of “Next” the vehicle has to be identified as requested by OBD II Scanner Tech 2.

Note: Depending on the model year and the selected model either a reprogramming of the ECU (F0: Engine) or of the TCM (F1: Transmission) can be selected.

7) During the Request Info the Tech 2 receives information from the selected device. If the ECU was replaced a “Request Info” has to be performed for the NEW unit. Since the new ECU is not programmed on delivery, the retrieved information is not complete. For that reason, TIS 2000 gives instructions as how to enter the missing vehicle data.

8) Follow the instructions on the Tech 2. Then press “Exit” on the Tech 2, switch it off and disconnect it from the vehicle.

Step 3: Data exchange

1.Connect Tech 2 to the pc, switch it on, and click on ‘Next’ on the pc.
2.Confirm VIN or, if necessary, enter correct VIN, then select ‘Next
3.Validate vehicle data and, if necessary, change with the pull-down menus
4. 9-2
5.Click on ‘Next’. Button
6. 9-2
7.A new window displays a “Summary” (follow below) with the selected data. Continue with ‘Next’. Select “Reprog” button to download the latest calibration data onto the TechII diagnostic tool.

Note: It is not possible to reprogram an ECU with the same software version.

1.The window ‘Transfer Data’ is displayed. A bar shows the progress of the download.
2.At the end of the download, a window is displayed with the request to connect the Tech 2 to the vehicle in order to finish the programming process.
3.After the closing of the SPS application the TIS 2000 start screen is again displayed. Finally, switch off the Tech 2 and disconnect it from the pc.

Step 4: Program ECU

1.Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
2.Switch on Tech 2 – start screen appears.
3.Turn ignition (Do not start motor!).
4.Press “Enter” in the Tech 2 start screen.
5.Select “F1: Service Programming System” in the main menu and then “F1: Program ECU”.
6.Follow the instructions on the Tech 2 screen.
7.During the download the Tech 2 screen shows the message “Programming in Progress”.
8.At the end of the download the Tech 2 shows the message “Programming was successful”. The button “Exit” leaves the program. First, turn off the ignition of the vehicle, then switch off the Tech 2 and disconnect it from the vehicle.
9.Turn off ignition for 30 seconds before starting the motor. Additional information is available in the section “Check programming”.

Alternative Programming with “Pass Thru”

In addition to the procedure described above, there is an alternative programming mode called “Pass Thru”. In that case, the data are directly downloaded from the pc to the ECU in the vehicle.

Although the Tech 2 is still needed in that mode, the data entry and the download control is done directly at the pc. Altogether, that method is faster, and it is recommended when a pc with TIS 2000 is within 3m of the vehicle.

1.Connect Tech 2 to the vehicle.
2.Connect Tech 2 to the PC switch on Tech 2.
3.Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
4.Select the icon ‘Service Programming System’ (Fig. 1) on the TIS 2000 start page.
5.Start TIS 2000 on the PC.
6.On the screen ‘Select Diagnostic Tool and Programming Process’ (See picture below) make a selection for

***Pass-Thru mode

***the reprogramming of an ECU that was not exchanged or the replacement/programming of a new ECU

***the ECU location.

Then clock ‘Next’ button.

Lonsdor K518 Program Kia KX3 2013 All Smart Keys Lost

Guide to read pin code and program smart key on a  Kia KX3 year 2013 when all keys have lost by using Lonsdor K518ISE key programmer.

Key info.:

Original key: 3-button smart key

Chip: 47 Chip

Start: One button start-stop

Card slot: No

Pin code reading: by OBD

Device to program: Lonsdor K518 car key programmer


Step 1: Read 47 Pin Code

Connect K518 host with vehicle via OBD diagnostic socket

Select Kia->Read Pin Code->Read Pin Code (47 smart card)





Turn ignition switch to ON position

Open and close driver door for once


Press on Start button. Open and close driver door once



K518ISE key programmer read Kia KX3 47 pin code success

Write down the pin code


Step 2: Program Smart Key

Select KX3->Type 1->Program Smart Key->Program Smart Card


All smart keys need to be programmed, otherwise cannot start vehicle.

Turn ignition off. Open and close driver door once.

Auto Key Programmer Lonsdor K518ISE will require to enter 6-digit pin code read from Step 1


Press YES to continue

Prepare smart key to be programmed, stick the smart key to Start button within 5 sec until immo indicator flashes


Program success. Press YES to program next key, NO to go back.

Test the new smart key.


2017 New Launch X431 ICARSCAN
Full Systems for Android/IOS with 5 Car Software and 3 Special Function Software free Update Online

Launch ICARSCAN Obd2 Scanner:
1. Multi-Language: English, Chinese, Spanish, French,Russian
2. Build-in bluetooth, easily connects with Android/ios smartphone
3. 8 free brand of software for your selection: 5 car line choice(fullfunction software),3 special function software choice. If you need more other softwares, pls buy it from APP store.
4. Full systems and complete function dignosis for the most extensive coverage of OE-level diagnostics
5. Widest carline software coverage: Support the generic OBD, CAN bus, and proprietary protocols of over 70 car manufacturers and 2, 500 car models;
6. Support multiple special function software and actuation tests incl.Oil / Service reset, ABS bleeding, IMMO & key programming, throttle body adaptation, brake pads,steering angle reset,battery matching, DPF regeneration,Injector coding
7. Intuitive interface and easy to use

Following is ICARSCAN TEST ON BMW530