new start

Hi friends,

It’s been a while since I posted something here… but as you can understand i’ve been busy with work.

So what is new in my life?

Well first of all I can proudly announce that i’m moving to Mexico in november and I have never been so exited!!! Ever since I got back to Stockholm from my last stay in Playa del Carmen i’ve been dreaming about moving there, and to be doing it for real soon is just soo crazy. I mean can you imagine?!

Soo as you can see, I will have a really exiting fall and winter. I’m beyond thrilled!! 😉 Welcome back to the blog everyone and I hope you want to follow my crazy journey right here.


a nice little break

IMG_1302 IMG_1304

Dom senaste dagarna har jag spenderat i vackra Göteborg för dels lite skönt häng med fina vänner, men även för att se One Direction och vilka underbara dagar jag haft!!! Förutom den underbara staden som man fick upptäcka, så har det bara varit skönt att vara ledig helt och hållet i några dagar för att samla lite ny energi.