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Today was a great day at the salon. Met the new girl at work, and she was so nice! Already love her. It wasn’t many costumers for me today, but I worked very hard anyway. I’m very tired after this day and my back is hurting after a hole day without a break haha. Not that practised…

Emil is away tonight and that means me-time. I am not that good in being alone usually, but tonight when I’m so tired it feels okey. But I must admit that I miss these two in the pictures, I would rather be with them than being alone haha

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Working with sales


We’re all study to something, a lot of us taking a loan and study for at least 5 years to become something in a fancy office at a fancy building with a fancy life.
In my opinion that’s all bullshit. Why would  you study for 5 years and not even make a salary higher then $300k a year and pay of those got damn loans.


I haven’t barely study a shit, even though I’m a smart guy who learn things quicker then anyone else I took the life as a salesmen instead and you know what..?
I make way more then your $300k a year and don’t even have to take a loan for it, just be one of those hated salesmen and thank me after.

You know my first year out of high school I made my first salary as a 17 years old salesmen on about $3k.
So If you are an social, open minded, funny and hyped boy or a girl. Don’t study listen to me I will hire you if you think you know how to sell.
It’s a life where you can choose your own salary, your own working hours and still living the dream.

The only problem you will meet in sales is how crazy you will become because there’s no limit on ”how much money” you can make and 90% of all customers are really friendly but there will always be those other 10%, but there’s a problem in every business.


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Model for the night!


How are you? We are doing very well today. Tonight, we ate American pancakes for dinner, maybe not so healthy but that was good at least haha.

Tonight we had a show at the school where we had invited hairdressers in town to check out our wedding show. Everyone in my class had to be models and spent the whole day getting make-up by stylists and then got the hair made by hairdressers. This is the hairstyle and makeup I received, representing a bridesmaid. Very fun evening if you ask me. See you soon



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Who is Emil Aronsson


Thought it was time to make a ”get to know me”  post, so here we go!

age- 24.

born&raised – Kalmar/Auckland

passion & interests – Fashion and technology

been blogging since? – 2007

2. How/why did you start blogging? – Hmm guess that’s because I like to write and share my opinion in life, at first it was just a fun thing, but now it mores like work.

3. What can readers expect from your blog? – Everything from casual life, travel, fashion, mingle and training.

4. What is your all time most read article? – Hmm.. Got to be the one I wrote about my mom when she stayed at the hospital because she was sick, 120k readers.

5. What can you not stand for? – People who talks about money and think they are better then others.

6. Where/how do you find inspiration to write everyday? – In my everyday life, between all different kind of people, my weird thoughts and all these beautiful fashion.

7.  What does being an influencer mean to you? – To be an interesting and friendly person, cooperate with the biggest companies and humans. Get people to follow up the latest trends about everything, and last but not least to make people smile and have a good day after reading our blog with the morning coffee.

8. Tell us a fun fact about yourself – I would legit make a everyday living with only avocado, even though I love food, Avocado is my true love.
Another one is that I only had my noose bleed once in my entire life.

9. If you won 50 million kr in the lottery tomorrow, what would you do? – Move to Asia with Michelle and live life to the maximum level.

10. Who has been the most influential person in your life? – My Mother

11. How is a typical workday for you? – Talk with people, listen to Deep house and hang out with my ”doug” Patric.

12. Why did you become a part of United Influencers? – Because I think I got an interesting life that a lot of people want to be a part of.

13. Where do see yourself in 10 years? – On the red carpet? Haha nah, but seriously I think I will be the CEO of a big sales company.

14. What is the best advice you have for an aspiring influencer? – Be Yourself

15. 5 blogs or Instagram accounts that you recommend we follow






16. How do use your voice to make a positive impact on your followers?  – Sounds very happy and friendly in my speech. Have a finger in everything and have thoughts about everything.

17. Favorite movie? – I Love you man

18. Favorite artist?

Got way to many at the moment but here’s a few: Drake, Tyga, Chris Brown, Lost frequencies, mandragora, ed sheeren and Jack U.

19. Favorite app? – Instagram,  Pinterest, snapchat, Linkedin, Reddit and WordPress

20. Favorite book?  – Steve Jobs.

21. Last but not least, what makes you happy?  – Money and peace!

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Welcome back to the 80´s


I have had a project in school for a couple of months now and the final test became a simple haircut and easy styling for a retrospective to the 80’s. Emil had to stand up as a model, and at least he fits the eighties, right? Satisfied girlfriend who gets approved on the test and satisfied boyfriend who gets the hair pillars for a while. My heart is cracking as beautiful as he is, just watch him.. Can you understand that this guy is mine because i can’t!!!

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Today we ate our first dinner outdoors on the balcony. There is nothing more cozy than eating outside when it’s hot and the sun is shining on us. Emil and our dog Alma also match the day to honor when we got a little spring feeling. Alma wore a yellow rose with pink ribbon, matching Emil’s floral shirt with yellow ones. The one who says that yellow is ugly lies.

The dinner was easy today to get out more of the sun as possible. A simple pasta with bacon and curry. A dinner we love and often eat here at home. Recommend!

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When we were still in Ullared, it is obviously a choice to go for shopping. Michelle was so excited about shopping so when we went to checkout we had the fullest wagon of all. We found lots of nice decor for our apartment and a lot of hygiene items. It’s so cheap there so we got to buy anything. In any case, we are satisfied with our purchases at Kalmar again and have had some quality time with face masks, baths and good food. Lots of good food. Hope you’ll having a good day!

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A roadtrip w/ bae



How cool ain’t  this photos above?

Me and Michelle went on a roadtrip yesterday. We were going to have a dinner in Växjö, but it ended up with a car route for nearly 40 miles. We ended up in Ullared around 8 o’clock, Michelle insisted on sleeping in the car but I refused so we ended up pulling into a motel close to the big popular GEKÅS ULLARED in Sweden. This is the coolest motel I’ve ever seen! Me who are incredibly interested in cars came to this place, where we talked a long time with the owner! Such a nice man with so much history. He runs this motel, newly started, together with his family. He is, like me, interested in cars but on a whole new level! He had so many older, unique cars that i nearly can’t belive. It was everything from cadillac to ford. He had so much plans for the future of this motel, and we believe in him. This can be something really big and with a whole new concept. He has mini golf indoors, a cafe, pinball game, lots of unique cars and cool signs. And he also plans to get a smaller bar at this motel, how cool is’nt that? All in the 50’s theme. Really good service both late in the evening as we came and also in the morning at breakfast. We also got a large, spacious and newly renovated room. Netflix on tv, electric beds and candy. There was really nothing to complain about, here we will definitely sleep the next time we go on the roadtrip, highly recommend!  CLICK HERE to get to their own page. 

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