Manhattan Dermatology Specialists

19.19Best rated dermatologist in NYC Dr. James Taft provide a full range of dermatology procedures including acneroscea treatmentacne scar and age-spot removal as well as a wide variety of cosmetic procedures such as stretch mark & cellulite removal using latest techniques and technologies available in USA. Dr. James Taft is an internationally recognized as a top NYC dermatology doctor and skin specialist

At Manhattan Dermatology Specialists you’ll find individualized and compassionate dermatology care. In our facility we are using latest medical developments available in the United States. Get the care you need in the safe, reassuring hands of an expert.

Conveniently located in Midtown NYC, in the heart of New York City, the Manhattan Dermatology Specialists centers boast state-of-the-art, certified and approved dermatology facilities. Come see the office and meet Dr. James Taft. Experience, skill, knowledge and compassion: you get it all because you need it all. Make your appointment today

Company name Manhattan Dermatology Specialists
Office Location 51 East 25th Street, Ste 411
New York, NY 10010
Office Tel # (212) 889-2402
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