14 New pictures on my INSTAGRAM :)

Big fun that it already is so many of you who have been inside and seen my 14 new photos on my Instagram. It is not so easy to stand still and be able to find good ways to act but it is fun to try. I am not someone who is used to neither be in the photo or video. But I think it is fun with pictures and I are fortunate enough to know good photographers. Patience and being resourceful works well and the collaboration with the photographer. There are certainly guidelines as to what to use for the filter and stuff when you put up cards on various sites. But I’m not knowledgeable on this but take it as I want simply. The main thing, I think it is fun to mix and spin. That is why it will come very different pictures from me. 
Preparing my own business now for the summer then I’ll work on my other work. Think it is good to be out in good time concerning all things necessary for me to be able to reach my future goals. There has been a break in all things, and it has many reasons why it has been as it has been. I stayed aware of everything that is not of the highest priority. The most important thing is that I took care of the basics in my everyday life.
Ran a reboot and is now beginning to start up myself 😛
The time before the summer will be wonderful and the summer will be lovely. Hope of course for good weather so you can be out in the sun. Today I remain a part with my own business to work with, so it will be very interesting. 
Take Care Of Each Other 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Invigorating Walks


Invigorating walks are really lovely even though I have a cold. It feels good for it when eventually it gives in a good way and my body is very accustomed to walking. It is soon time to start my weights again and I am very excited regarding it. I also think it will be exciting to start using my weightwest. Weightwest is something that I have been waiting to use because I want to have a little better muscle. It is possible to adjust the very good regarding the weights on my weightwest which I think is very good and smooth. I’ll get into a good routine to use it and fill it with weights more and more the stronger I become. Will be a fun challenge to have now in the future as one of my projects this summer. Have had a period now that I lost weight and why not when it should still be up in weight again to do it with some muscles. I have my breaks and periods when it gets more exercise but I try to have a good balance of everything.

On my second exercise machine; so has the screws broken in half and I need to put new. Also need to tighten all the screws properly as well. It needs more stability or else lose my focus when it should squeak and shake when you step Haha 😛 ladda-ned.jpg.jpg. It is important that everything should be in order. Now it is time for me to eat meat I must also keep up ironlevels in my  body.

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 
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Played football yesterday with my son and it is always so fun. I have played a lot when I was younger, and I even get a couple of good shots when we run. But since I’m not much of a scorer so I’m just glad that I can make the ball go into the goal. There are more golf feels and the sniping it feels like when I run. I have good footwork, but since I have a bit of a hard time with concentration, so it may not be something that interferes with.

When I  was screaming that it is not so easy to play football to my son. Then he called back that it is not difficult for ZLATAN. So it did not matter that I fell and missed the goal and stuff the main thing is that I know how to do 😛 . I still have a little bit of ZLATAN STYLE when I play football because I am damn stubborn.


It is really fun with football and that I and my son can play it together. Important for me to have the strength to do these things with my son. I like sports and to have a healthy strong body.
Have the Best my Lovely Readers 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
( I dont got any Money from Adidas for my Picture I just Love My Shoes 😛 )
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People From All Countries Are Welcome To Read My Blog :)


Hi the World 😛  it would be really fun if you could comment on from which country you come from who read my blog. All nationalities are Welcome to write from which country you are from 😀 

I love different countries ‘ flags and not just the Swedish Flag, but it is because I like different people. I like the culture and the differences and similarities between people. We live here on this Earth together and we need to cooperate and agree to work with each other together and not be afraid of each other. Unfortunately, there are many people who are so fanatical in what they believe is the only way and they are not content just to find what they like, but they do not care about what stands in the way. But I would argue that we are many more who want peace here on earth and we want to have an earth left. All the evil that exists in this World is created by people and that means it is our task as humans is to destroy that which destroys our fellow human beings and our beautiful earth. galaxy-2150186__340

Don’t give up it will work out, even though it may be hard to believe on it in difficult times. But it is the hope that goodness will prevail that will save this world. It is the love of our fellow human beings, who will carry the future.

We agree that goodness will prevail we are moving together as a united people for the Future. It is about following your heart deep inside for no one is born evil.

Take care of each other and spread the Love 😛 
Comment which country you are from ?
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
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Smycken som Glimmar och är Magiska se här


I samarbete med Amaze.se som är en webshop så har jag fått äran att kunna skriva och visa upp jätte fina smycken här på min blogg . De har så fina billiga smycken och armband samt halsband

Amaze.se har otroligt vackra stilrena smycken. Jag har kollat på alla smycken och tänkte först länka till de 3 smycken på Amaze som jag tycker är finast och som jag själv gärna skulle vilja ha. Det slutade i alla fall med att jag inte kunde sluta att titta på dessa vackra ringar, örhängen och armband, och det slutade med att jag nu tänker visa er vilka 10 smycken som jag fastnat extra för. Ni kommer se att jag fastnat lite mer speciellt för Caroline Svedbom’s smycken.

Jag gillar smycken som man kan ha både till fest och till vardags. När det gäller smycken så är jag mycket kräsen och jag bär inte vad som helst så detta var riktigt intressant att skriva om. Även att välja ut 10 olika smycken som jag skulle kunna tänka mig att bära. Nu gick det snabbt från 5 st till 10 olika smycken och armband samt örhängen som jag vill ha 😛 

dione-earrings-crystal-white-opal-1 Magiska Underbara ÖrhängenJag skulle använda dem vid mycket speciella tillfällen. Högtider och festligheter som nyårsafton och stora tillställningar. Invigningar och vid större kalas. De är mycket vackra och definitivt några av mina favoriter.
Örhängena är riktigt fina och jag är kär i dess underbara färg. Gillar att de är vackra och stilrena med en unik känsla av styrka. Classic drop earrings burgundy gold
ring burgundy  Denna grymt coola ring tycker jag är ursnygg.
Exklusive och maffig ring med vackra stenar på. Den här häftiga ringen skulle jag alltid vilja bära. Annie Ring
Oxxo Fjäderörhänge  Vackra enkla örhängen som passar bra att använda nu i vår och sommar. Tänker på underbara sommar kvällar men även när man sitter på något cafe och softar.
Elegant fint armband som passar mycket bra till att bära till både shoppingrundan och till fest. Jag gillar uppbyggnaden på armbandet och det ser så fint ut med dynamiken mellan guld och svart. assymetriskt armband
CLASSIC DROP EARRING  Vackra örhängen som jag tycker passar till både vardags och till fest. Här är det även färgen som jag tycker är underbar.
Tidlös magnifik ring som är väldigt speciell och mycket vacker. Pretty stone ring rose
Ava Bracelet rose  Vackert sött och unikt armband med många små detaljer.
Naturligt vackert fint armband. Stilrent och snyggt. mini drop bracelet vintage rose


Detta är min önskelista om jag fick välja fritt 10 olika smycken hos Amaze.se 😀

Vore jätte kul att få höra just vilka smycken som du gillar mest?

Kommentera gärna vilka smycken som ni mina läsare skulle vilja ha ?


Ha det Bäst Många Kramizar från MinikeGirl 😛

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Love Will Always Prevail



Love will always prevail and it is in difficult times that we see it more clearly. Not even satanismens principal devil is someone who gives without taking even the soul as it is said. To be in cahoots with someone like that and then believe that after their horrific acts to become someone or get something when you die is not true. If the devil wants your soul do you really think that the one that you believe in will give you gold and green Forests. What happens is that you embarrass yourself and your people but your people who think like you think what you do is right. It is so wrong for not enough to agree to go in the same direction in this self-destructing so it will be the next step. 

When you grow up, there are many who think that you should be and think and think in a special way. So is it still when you are grown up. I remember that it was quite normal to sit and pray to God and go in the church. It was something that was normal and nothing strange that the man went to the church and confirmed. The older I got, the more questioning I become to everything regarding this with the total devote their lives to a God. Whatever it is for a God and religion so it’s not about to hurt each other in the Godsname. Had God had a will that we would do exactly what God wants so God did not created us as diverse as we are and with all of our different wills. God had created us all the same and we had been like robots to obey your every command that God sent out. That religion is fine so long as it may be fine. When the basic ideas of each religion is perceived in a healthy way. When religions are interpreted with love and not with hatred. If I was God, and put people and life to the world because I love the people and the world so I would create more people who took care of each other and the world. I would stop creating the people who ruin it for each other and especially using my name to kill it as I actually have created. Those who do so I would not put more time and effort on when I upgrade the earth. I also would not welcome them to paradise, but I would study what was totally wrong in my creation. I want to have such a beautiful world as possible and those who ruin it for others in my name, I can not continue to create.

But I am not God and I wouldn’t want to be nor more than a day to arrange it that we the people not done so well. But since I do not believe in a God but have my own faith in my own purpose here on earth so may I as a fellow human to other people to do what I can. I know that cohesion and Love for their fellow human beings is a religion that I know are real. It is about taking care of this earth and to gree to take care of all the human beings. Spread the love, respect and understanding of our differences and similarities.

Love Respekt and Understanding  ……..
Peace and Love …..
Take Care Of Each Other ……
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀
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I´m No Supermodel :)

Warning Warning

I’m no supermodel and I have an inner being who does not want to be in the cards. So it is always difficult, but it is so fun to improvise 😆 

Yesterday I took while in training again and it was 45 minutes. I can run on the heaviest but I have still been training for so many years so it just have to do it where the passengers again to get started. It was lovely and it is better to try to wait for the right moment so it will be good training. Because my stepmachine do I get heated when I exercise so it is good to now after the break that I’m not running on the big machine every day. So today it may be something else and I’m considering if maybe I should take the rowing machine a little quiet. All just to run through the entire body. So it knows what is to come 😀

As I sat yesterday and tinkered with the computer so I did a new song at the same time. Haha it just fell down and behaved like that I really have no other songs that will be done first. No, all at once 😀 . It is a great gift and I am so grateful that I have it. Even though I experienced in my gifts and it jumps you to the sometimes things happen when you least expect it. It is really wonderful feelings. Requires, however, that you always have a pen and paper. I play even in my mobile phone when needed which is really smooth.


Today on the blog, so we will arrange with a link that failed yesterday. It seemed to had a life of its own. Nothing that is not possible to arrange during the day so clear, and there is nothing that you readers will notice. I notice it statistically for a while but it’s nothing to rush up for. Because the work is really well done so now it is just to run. Previous times we have done lot of work and hired companies who are professionals in SEO. This is very expensive but I have learned a lot along the way. Most importantly is to get a good grip with their blog and activities on the web. You want it to get stuck in the right places. So the work I now do is to see how well everything is stuck and where. I have deliberately held back on my own regular blog work to see where I ended up. This is a work that I will not need doing again if it turns out to keep themselves well. 

I will constantly revise because the work so that it stays strong. Think it may be necessary for the next step of approximately 1 year. Finally, I have a year bet it feels absolutely brilliant. It will be good and fun to be able to build now the next step.


Will be blogging a lot and make my music. I’m also focused on work in the summer which is a great honor and joy for me. I long for the summer because I get to work it is a wonderful feeling, even in the midst of the darkest winter. Book like me a few summers ahead. It is one of the biggest highlights of the year. I have been able to work in the winter is not so bad to be me. So my latest outage is nothing to feel bad about. I am humble and this is all bonus for me and nothing that I had ever been able to expect of myself, but something that works. 


I presses me to see what I can and can’t and I get to do it at my own pace that is when it works best. It is when I don’t get the time to mess and process it myself as it will not be good. When the other puts in too much how I handle myself. Not that I listen for I know what is best for me, but it takes energy that I need to have to just restrain myself.


Take Care Of Each Other 😀 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 


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All The Force Of Music

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Youtube H I am now in a new music creates the period. It means that I will be blogging of course but not be able to operate at the speed that I have done in the past. It is impossible, but I look forward to devoting myself to the music now I have a bunch of songs at once. All the power I need to have to the music. 

So do not call me in the middle of the night and say that I have fallen off the various leaderboards and the like. I know all about this cause  I focus on the music more. I need to sleep also and it is easier to work with trackbacks/links and all right on the nights 😀 …..

My music is spread more and more and it’s really fun, I think. I need to land a bit just in my feelings in all things, both in terms of my blog and my music. It is precisely because it is my biggest interests. I need to catch up with myself and stay up a little bit. I know that I get stuck and just run in. It is so terribly funny. But it may not be unhealthy.

There is a reason why I do not go around and perform with my music. It may not be too much, and I am a person who wants to do lots of things, preferably all at once. I love running the blog and the music simultaneously, but now it is very in time with the music so then it simply becomes less wakeful nights when I am working with the blog.

I agree that the structure of lot of works pertaining to the SEO and to spread my blog. For I can’t be bothered to keep on with everything by myself anymore despite the fact that I think it is so interesting and fun. But I add at the same time would much rather the time in to blogging for the it is the reason I started blogging from the beginning. That I have written. Then it ended with that I was so damn interested in this with SEO.

I have to halt myself you have not how much energy to take of how much you want to. For me, everything in great waves. One day I can feel like a 25 year old and the next day as a 90 year old. So that is why I run when I have the energy, for I know it won’t last forever, but goes in waves all the time. Then it seems to many that you should take it easier when you have the strength but the waves will still, so it has no significance if I take it big quiet when I have the strength, so the strength to remain longer. It does not work so that I can affect my energy that way. Would be simple otherwise. But when the strength is, it becomes that rests more automatically can many believe but then you are even more tired so it is also difficult. I try to make the best of the situation all the time and accept that I work like this.

I am learning all the time new daytrix and I’m not afraid to test new daytrix. But there are those who have become a kind of base in how I handle everyday life. They are, I am very determined for it is they that have taken me this long and all I get and everything I do, I see as a real BONUS in life. I am Grateful.

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 ….

See you all Iam so Gratful 😀 …….


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Really Good Blogs here on the Finest.se

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Youtube H There are really good blogs here on the Finest.se

I have taken the time today to sit and read a bit on some of them. It has been very inspiring reading. Often I think I’ll read other people’s blogs more than I do.I have understood that it has been very good bloggers here in the past. 

I have really wonderful friends around me and we are on the same wavelength. We think similar in our quest towards our goals in life. It really is so inspiring. I am so proud that you are with me.

It is really in the waves of the friendship how much you heard of the talking. But true friendship is always there no matter how often you talk and be seen. It is like a primal force. The most important thing is to be able to give his friends space and not feel forgotten if they make new friends. Maybe you talked more often, and thus socialized more before the man himself or his friends met other friends.

It is actually a habit that is acquired by talk, and is often seen. I would like to have a good contact, even though I myself is a little bad to hear of me though I often like it. When you come out of the bubble that actually had very much contact with a part of people daily and all of a sudden not have that contact anymore. It’s not about the Friendship is gone, on the contrary, you are doing this for you to feel safe with their friends.

At these times, you get more time for other friends and the bands where strengthened. It is lovely with new energy at the same time as it is the safest, with even the friends you have known for several years now, so clearly. 

It is so important for me to preserve and not replace good friendship. You do not want to nor feel that it is in the way. We go through different phases in life and that you don’t talk and meet as often as it once did does not need to be something negative. It is when the Friendship goes on to be more familiar as the friends become more like family. Then you are Safe 😀 !


There is a girl who I have known for several years and she has got a really nice new friend. I am so happy for both of their sakes for they are really there for each other and I’m really happy for me Friend. The new friend makes her feel good, and they have really found each other. This has made me and my friend talking less but we are like family and have gone through a lot together. We have what they call a long history with us.


This is very positive and I have been able to give my other friends more time. So, thought really not to be selfish in this situation for it will not be good. I am a real expert human being, so of course it felt empty in the beginning but not because of bad friendship, but only an adjustment for how much you heard of the talking. It goes in waves and I am so Proud of my friend she is really quite wonderful. Anyone who says otherwise does NOT know the person do NOT Know !


Take care of each other Iam sending you all my LOVE  😀


Many hugs from MinikeGirl   😀


 My Music on Spotify 10 songs listen here 🙂  :



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My Microsoft System Developer

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

Youtube H

For that I’ll keep up with it that I need and want to catch up with so I have hired a personal WEBMASTER he has a real good education and I could not have chosen any better person. It is important that it is someone that you really trust and who also are online almost 24/7.

I know that this person does not get the free games and are starting to change things but he will always check with me what we should do. Really good at wordpress so this will be good I feel. 


Welcome WEBMASTER/ Microsoft System Developer to MinikeGirl Music I hope that you will Enjoy this Journey 🙂


It will be fun to learn more about how wordpress works with all of its settings. I have become very much more interested in stuff like this in recent years. But since I have so much on the net so do I need to unload.


I am excited and have much to learn from how to work online. But I have also learned a lot. It takes very much time and you need to have good patience. It is also about surrounding yourself with the right people. The people who actual understand how important this is for me. It’s like having a company this with my music and with my blog. Everything that I do online. Then I write my own music and need the time.


There has been a lot now on the latest with the most and yesterday, a person close to the family died 🙁 . This friend has always been there as long as I can remember.   Always Missed never forgotten Rest in Peace …


Today, I’m structuring it as not been done properly now when there has been a lot. So it’s a bit of cleaning and laundry that is already running. It is also a part that I have to structure up in my binders. Then I’ll sort the clothes. Tend to use the weekends to do all of this for it is much nicer to live in and come home to a structured home when you have worked.


So now it is time for me to continue this    ..

Have the Best My Wonderful Listeners  😀


Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😀 ….


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