When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in Haha :)


20170505_123824.jpgToday, I sit and plan what I’m going to shop for food. It is time for me to shop much food now again. It is a project in itself, but I think it feels so good when I have been home it needed. Now in the summer so it has become that I have acted more often. Because my thyroid does not been so good, it has also meant that I had various different symptoms. My hormones have become so much worse now in the last year, and it is approximately 1 week on each month that I feel completely okay. It is a big change for me but it is good anyway. It’s just a bit scary when it shows up symptoms that I had earlier. Now I feel that, despite everything going in the right direction again. It is so important with what I eat. Sometimes I can eat something that knocks out my levaxin and my values and it is then that the symptoms will. I can go from not being hungry to be there in less than a second. So I have to find little tricks applicable to always try to have a good balance  😛 May think healthy and look at the clock when I should eat something when I am not at all hungry and I get to think sometimes that this is a moderate portion. Some days I eat more than a full-grown lumberjack haha and other days I get barely in me any food. But if you spread out my food intake on the number of days in a month, so I’m at a good level. I have good values and a very strong heart and feel good. So I’m good anyway to have a good balance. A good balance of current this requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

So now when I write my long shopping list of everything I should be, so I start from to get home with healthy food. But healthy food to better use if I practice of course. Everything hangs together  😛 img_20170510_085134.jpg

A tip if it is a little difficult to think of what that will be traded is to go to the shop that you intend to shop in and write your shopping list on the spot. Then you go back to the shop. This can be cumbersome and feel like an extra thing for many but it can also facilitate. Do what feels easiest for you. It is the most important. It is easy to also go online and see what the grocery store has for the range if it is difficult to come up with something good. When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in because I buy so much. It is also, of course, so that I’m not the best at to put the goods in the right direction. My energy is not so high when I get to the cashier and thinking activity relevant to add the 5 articles the right can take all of the thinking sometimes. Imagine, then, how it will be when I buy on a large scale for the 4-5 thousand bucks haha  😛 

Now, I shall continue to write on my shopping list this wonderful Tuesday. Have some other things I want to do today, so I take each day as it comes, simply.


Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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You can’t even stand for who you are behind your anonymous accounts on the net :) ???




Have had a great weekend, and yesterday came a wonderful friend past. Really lovely to sleep out now in the morning it is important to do it. I notice that the whole day will be better if you get the sleep you need. I tinkered with a few things that I wanted to get done yesterday and it feels like it was good. I have left to do of course but I like to have it so. Always have something that is ongoing but messing around with when you want to and can. Now I sit and drink my coffee and waiting for it to work as it should  😛 

Bought a pair of curtains the other day and had thought that they would be great for my bedroom because they would not let in so much light. It looked promising from the start when they still lay wrapped in the package. Bought a pair of curtains the other day and had thought that they would be great for my bedroom because they would not let in so much light. It looked promising from the start when they still lay wrapped in the package. Very nice and they have cost several hundred and I got them for 100 SEK. So it was good. Was not quite as I had planned, but it was really nice. The curtain let in light in a very nice way, and it is a beautiful curtain that fits in my room. Now we don’t hope for much here, I’m not a star just when it comes to interiors but I do what I can  😛 


All you can do so much without being the best. I’m good at creative things it’s my thing simply. But I mastered so much and right now I’m trying to sing the difficult songs without having to stand up. It is a challenge just in itself haha  😛 



Now it is also here that I write my songs myself and it is just now 13 songs that are on Spotify : 

I get many comments on my music, and there are many who write that it is good. Some of my songs better than other songs that I have done. It is entirely up to each one to think what you think. Everyone gets to have an opinion. But, for those who write only negative comments to you want me to be sad and take me. When the comments are not at all relevant and you write them only for that you are disappointed in yourself and your life situation. I selfrealize myself and you don’t have the ability to do it themselves. Instead of you to be jealous of me and feel that you have the need to carp down on it as I do so making something of your life instead. I wrote my songs for you for that you would have something exciting in your life to do as to write that what I do is bad. For the actually play no major role for me how many negative comments I get regarding my music.I am a reminder for those of you who write these negative comments that you are not happy with your life. It is here that I get very many nice comments, both in terms of me as a person and about my music. I have a really good self-confidence and self-esteem because all the time I selfrealize myself every day. It may have worked to get me to feel a little bit bad with the negative comments when I was younger, but don’t forget that I am older today. This is not about that you should go on someone who takes but does this mean that you should do something about your life instead. You seem to not even have something that people can even think about. You can’t even stand for who you are behind your anonymous accounts on the net, or is it that you don’t have the ability to be able to even put up a profile picture of yourself haha  😛 ???

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl  😛  

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MinikeGirl singer songwriter

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nYesterday it was a working day for me and then I get up around 5 o’clock which works fine. It is just in time for when I have time to wake up to before my work. This means that I am very tired in the afternoon when I finish at work, but it works. When I came home yesterday so I got to thinking that there is a day tomorrow because I have some things that I want to get done. It is important to be able to put a stop to yourself sometimes. 

What you want to do is not always what you really need to do. They are often things that you can’t do because of the many different factors that come into play. There is also much that one can do, but I have, as a rule try to prioritize it as I have a feeling for. It needed to be done, but that is not so fun, I try to do when I have a good feeling about it. It is so that I build up better and better motivation for the things that I first thought was boring.

It is about constantly getting better and better emotions regarding that which has first been so boring and where motivation is lacking. It is all the time about working up a good motivational plan that is sustainable in the long run. I like the long-term objective, especially when it comes to various chores in even everyday life.

I am a single mother and I can’t clean my home while I wash the car and shop. But I can make about everyday life, so that it adapts to what I’m bothered and have time. It is all the time about structuring and change dagsplaneringen how much energy I have. This is tricky but it is important to do as I do. It is I who go and rest those extra hours when it may seem like there is much to do. It is I who wakes up rested and sometimes do everything that I have not had time to do in a week for a few hours when I sleep. 

I prefer working a little harder when I have had rest and some ”must-haves” will be a little harder to perform as I have expected. For when I’ve got to rest so I am very strong so even though it that I’m doing become heavier so there is no problem.

It is important to have the ability to be able to understand that the time is not always enough and that it has more power than you think with regard to their well-being. It’s all about having reasonable demands on yourself. Thoughts about all the other makes and is like any other is completely wrong statement according to me all other is not like any other. Then you can see the general similarities so clearly. It’s just so terribly weird for me.

  • But when I get to hear that I’m not like all the others so I would like to have the name and social security number of these Alien -people?
  • Of which designed you really on the and I am I, it should be enough? I am medial and wondering so much about this phenomenon for when you utter that everyone other is doing , thinking, think , have , so I don’t see these people around you?
  • Neither in human beings or Spirits?
  • Not in different energies?
  •  What is it that you see that I’m not seeing?
  • And how can you know what people think of it and have it at home? 

 What you see is different people’s facades as they choose to show on the outside. Then, you feel the some people more than others. But I really find not these Alien-People that has the namn ”All The Others ” .  A definitely a new case for the series X files  😛 


If You will find these ”all the others” so you are welcome to contact me it is very exciting  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl   😛 


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Carl Edmond´s bok om hans Galna Liv/ Jag skrattade, jag grät. Glädjetårar! :)


Wow   😛  Carl Edmond alltså har ni hört talas om honom? Vilken grym bok som han har skrivit. Så inspirerande bok om hans galna liv. Helt otroligt vad han har varit med om i hans mycket spännande liv genom alla äventyr han varit på. Jag läser om sidorna flera gånger för det pirrar i hela kroppen.  😛  Funderar ärligt talat på om Carl Edmond är upptagen? Han är helt fantastisk och jag är oerhört tacksam över att få denna möjlighet att kunna läsa Carl Edmond´s bok.

Jag skrattade, jag grät. Glädjetårar! #CarlEdmondWasHere

2Q2A3696  Nu när jag har så härlig ny inspiration så ska jag fortsätta att göra det som jag gör 😛 

Ha det Bäst Mina Läsare

Puzz å Kramizar MinikeGirl 🙂 

Sponsrat av @carledmondofficial

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Body Becomes Satisfied ;)

Thanks to those of you who follow me on instagram and for those of you who will follow me after this post. Here are some cards from my instagram account and the link : screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpghttps://www.instagram.com/wwwminikegirlmusiccom/

Today I have been away and worked and now I work out at home with my own business. It is just as it should be. Keeps on giving the body vitamins and the body begins to react in a good way. Also try to eat more healthily so that it becomes more vegetables, but my body has a bit of a problem to take up the vitamins, so I try to run a little bit ex blutsaft . It feels like my meat consumption is starting to become a bit too much and that the body becomes satisfied. So blutsaft is a great compliment.

Something that I ate much before it was broccoli and I like salad so it will not be difficult for me to live a bit more healthy than what I do. Really like these salads that it sells in the shops.
Now it is time for me to eat haha get hungry after all my talk about food 😛 
Have the best my lovely listeners and readers, and follow me on Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/wwwminikegirlmusiccom/
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛
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14 New pictures on my INSTAGRAM :)

Big fun that it already is so many of you who have been inside and seen my 14 new photos on my Instagram. It is not so easy to stand still and be able to find good ways to act but it is fun to try. I am not someone who is used to neither be in the photo or video. But I think it is fun with pictures and I are fortunate enough to know good photographers. Patience and being resourceful works well and the collaboration with the photographer. There are certainly guidelines as to what to use for the filter and stuff when you put up cards on various sites. But I’m not knowledgeable on this but take it as I want simply. The main thing, I think it is fun to mix and spin. That is why it will come very different pictures from me. 
Preparing my own business now for the summer then I’ll work on my other work. Think it is good to be out in good time concerning all things necessary for me to be able to reach my future goals. There has been a break in all things, and it has many reasons why it has been as it has been. I stayed aware of everything that is not of the highest priority. The most important thing is that I took care of the basics in my everyday life.
Ran a reboot and is now beginning to start up myself 😛
The time before the summer will be wonderful and the summer will be lovely. Hope of course for good weather so you can be out in the sun. Today I remain a part with my own business to work with, so it will be very interesting. 
Take Care Of Each Other 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Invigorating Walks


Invigorating walks are really lovely even though I have a cold. It feels good for it when eventually it gives in a good way and my body is very accustomed to walking. It is soon time to start my weights again and I am very excited regarding it. I also think it will be exciting to start using my weightwest. Weightwest is something that I have been waiting to use because I want to have a little better muscle. It is possible to adjust the very good regarding the weights on my weightwest which I think is very good and smooth. I’ll get into a good routine to use it and fill it with weights more and more the stronger I become. Will be a fun challenge to have now in the future as one of my projects this summer. Have had a period now that I lost weight and why not when it should still be up in weight again to do it with some muscles. I have my breaks and periods when it gets more exercise but I try to have a good balance of everything.

On my second exercise machine; so has the screws broken in half and I need to put new. Also need to tighten all the screws properly as well. It needs more stability or else lose my focus when it should squeak and shake when you step Haha 😛 ladda-ned.jpg.jpg. It is important that everything should be in order. Now it is time for me to eat meat I must also keep up ironlevels in my  body.

Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀 
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Played football yesterday with my son and it is always so fun. I have played a lot when I was younger, and I even get a couple of good shots when we run. But since I’m not much of a scorer so I’m just glad that I can make the ball go into the goal. There are more golf feels and the sniping it feels like when I run. I have good footwork, but since I have a bit of a hard time with concentration, so it may not be something that interferes with.

When I  was screaming that it is not so easy to play football to my son. Then he called back that it is not difficult for ZLATAN. So it did not matter that I fell and missed the goal and stuff the main thing is that I know how to do 😛 . I still have a little bit of ZLATAN STYLE when I play football because I am damn stubborn.


It is really fun with football and that I and my son can play it together. Important for me to have the strength to do these things with my son. I like sports and to have a healthy strong body.
Have the Best my Lovely Readers 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
( I dont got any Money from Adidas for my Picture I just Love My Shoes 😛 )
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People From All Countries Are Welcome To Read My Blog :)


Hi the World 😛  it would be really fun if you could comment on from which country you come from who read my blog. All nationalities are Welcome to write from which country you are from 😀 

I love different countries ‘ flags and not just the Swedish Flag, but it is because I like different people. I like the culture and the differences and similarities between people. We live here on this Earth together and we need to cooperate and agree to work with each other together and not be afraid of each other. Unfortunately, there are many people who are so fanatical in what they believe is the only way and they are not content just to find what they like, but they do not care about what stands in the way. But I would argue that we are many more who want peace here on earth and we want to have an earth left. All the evil that exists in this World is created by people and that means it is our task as humans is to destroy that which destroys our fellow human beings and our beautiful earth. galaxy-2150186__340

Don’t give up it will work out, even though it may be hard to believe on it in difficult times. But it is the hope that goodness will prevail that will save this world. It is the love of our fellow human beings, who will carry the future.

We agree that goodness will prevail we are moving together as a united people for the Future. It is about following your heart deep inside for no one is born evil.

Take care of each other and spread the Love 😛 
Comment which country you are from ?
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
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Smycken som Glimmar och är Magiska se här


I samarbete med Amaze.se som är en webshop så har jag fått äran att kunna skriva och visa upp jätte fina smycken här på min blogg . De har så fina billiga smycken och armband samt halsband

Amaze.se har otroligt vackra stilrena smycken. Jag har kollat på alla smycken och tänkte först länka till de 3 smycken på Amaze som jag tycker är finast och som jag själv gärna skulle vilja ha. Det slutade i alla fall med att jag inte kunde sluta att titta på dessa vackra ringar, örhängen och armband, och det slutade med att jag nu tänker visa er vilka 10 smycken som jag fastnat extra för. Ni kommer se att jag fastnat lite mer speciellt för Caroline Svedbom’s smycken.

Jag gillar smycken som man kan ha både till fest och till vardags. När det gäller smycken så är jag mycket kräsen och jag bär inte vad som helst så detta var riktigt intressant att skriva om. Även att välja ut 10 olika smycken som jag skulle kunna tänka mig att bära. Nu gick det snabbt från 5 st till 10 olika smycken och armband samt örhängen som jag vill ha 😛 

dione-earrings-crystal-white-opal-1 Magiska Underbara ÖrhängenJag skulle använda dem vid mycket speciella tillfällen. Högtider och festligheter som nyårsafton och stora tillställningar. Invigningar och vid större kalas. De är mycket vackra och definitivt några av mina favoriter.
Örhängena är riktigt fina och jag är kär i dess underbara färg. Gillar att de är vackra och stilrena med en unik känsla av styrka. Classic drop earrings burgundy gold
ring burgundy  Denna grymt coola ring tycker jag är ursnygg.
Exklusive och maffig ring med vackra stenar på. Den här häftiga ringen skulle jag alltid vilja bära. Annie Ring
Oxxo Fjäderörhänge  Vackra enkla örhängen som passar bra att använda nu i vår och sommar. Tänker på underbara sommar kvällar men även när man sitter på något cafe och softar.
Elegant fint armband som passar mycket bra till att bära till både shoppingrundan och till fest. Jag gillar uppbyggnaden på armbandet och det ser så fint ut med dynamiken mellan guld och svart. assymetriskt armband
CLASSIC DROP EARRING  Vackra örhängen som jag tycker passar till både vardags och till fest. Här är det även färgen som jag tycker är underbar.
Tidlös magnifik ring som är väldigt speciell och mycket vacker. Pretty stone ring rose
Ava Bracelet rose  Vackert sött och unikt armband med många små detaljer.
Naturligt vackert fint armband. Stilrent och snyggt. mini drop bracelet vintage rose


Detta är min önskelista om jag fick välja fritt 10 olika smycken hos Amaze.se 😀

Vore jätte kul att få höra just vilka smycken som du gillar mest?

Kommentera gärna vilka smycken som ni mina läsare skulle vilja ha ?


Ha det Bäst Många Kramizar från MinikeGirl 😛

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