Sing Along Just Do It :)

Well I’m not directly any shorts person, that you can see here in the picture. My arm has been in the sun but not my legs. Would be happy to have shorts when sometimes but bruised one of my legs the other day so I don’t want to have it wounded more in the sun now either. It has been a glorious weekend with a touch of everything.

Wonderful that it has been so hot and sunny the whole weekend. Many have been swimming this weekend. Here i’ve been grilling, with lots of delicious food and I have gone walking.

When I sit and work this much as I do with the computer and the internet, I learn very much about how the internet works. I can more and more effectively use the time to work with it as I want to do. I get all the time new ideas and thoughts on how I should further develop everything that I work with. It is so exciting but it is really a lot of work behind. I like that all the time to see different possibilities. The coolest thing is that I feel that I just is in the beginning to build up all. It will probably always be so for there is always something to do with my music and with my blog. It is liberating to be able to live in a real virtual world that’s true. It feels absolutely incredibly wonderful that I have found a platform where I can be and get out my creativity. This is one of the things that I’ve been looking for all my life. 

It is easier to accept that I can have little bit more difficult for some everyday things that most people have. When I stand and my brain can’t figure out something, witch for many other people is a simple mathematics speech so it does not feel hard anymore.

When I’m not stressed so I can do very much things and have many balls in the air. It’s all about having balance in everything which is a recurrent fact.
So when I stand and ask about the easiest stuff that you think is so simple, it might not easy for me when I ask. It may seem that I’m insecure but I know how I tick and I am sure that things will become right. So my science in how I work and my ambition in that I want things to be right can be perceived slightly different by other people.

It may be that it seems like I am taking a simple way through that question things that I Always ask about.

It may seem like I am insecure and do not dare to trust myself. It is just the opposite. I trust myself but I also know that if I get some help with the ”simplest ” little things so my balance will be more whole.

When it hangs and I get a little blocked and paralysed so I tend to accept that it is so. Other people may like to think that I’m not capable of ”simple stuff” as they always can. I know other things they can’t and I’m proud of it as I can. I am proud of what I do. The problem before was always that I felt that all the others could so much more than what I could. They could so much more.

When everyday life becomes a life where the only is to watch and do as all the others and it is precisely that which was difficult so taking it stops there for many people.
It become a vicious circle and many people feel terribly bad about to feel that : Why can and understand all of the others here but not me ?
But I can sing well don’t go around and sing and say to other people listen and mimic me : It is just to listen and sing along.
As hard as many of you would have to ex sing as I can.
I have with many of the everyday stuff that you think is so easy that you not even consider that it ex /
  • simple mental arithmetic
  • go and shop
  • have the energy for a whole day
  • able to do all of these small everyday stuff which takes a lot of energy if it is not planned well

It is really good for the people who can cope and actually thrive with the living on their way. I was forced in a way to live as I live today, but now I enjoy it. I accept how it is. Just keep in mind that we are all different and we can different things. I don’t sit with my hands in the cross and never want to learn anything new, but I’m trying and interested in learning new things. But I also know my limitations. Instead of not having tried, so I always want to try and give most things a chance.

My strengths works best when I get some time to sort new impressions and routines. I would like to work more enhanced in the everyday lives of ordinary people in the future. I have so many everyday tricks, and I am very good at structuring up and see what works together and not. This not is not of importance always. It is a part. I will come back more with this subject in the future. I’m a kind of template regarding this and I need somehow to develop my thinking and come up with something, a good way to be able to teach it in practice to other people.

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 


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Business And Emotions


Now I have the people around me that I want now for the future and I am happy that all these fine people are. Key people have been added, closer to me, and others have chosen to by a variety of reasons to shirk. Feels really good for me now in all cases be surrounded with people who have a strong inner drive. We think pretty much the same and the differences benefit us all. I choose carefully the people that I currently surround myself with.

It can be extremely tough to select out people so it makes thing easier when one chooses to remove themselves. It is not possible to get stuck in to think about these people. I will always think about many people but everyone should not be with in that which I create.

The journey is mine with a few chosen to be with. I know how I want everything to go to. We all have our own journeys and sometimes so are the roads in different directions.

I am glad that it still shows itself now early I learn a lot of everything. It is not possible to add together the friendship and success if you can’t operate it on a healthy level. It wears on relationships and some decreases slowly with time. May be because I as a person is very driven in what I do and need to surround myself with like minded people. Why is my Webmaster the person who is most involved in how I think and what I do. I also have some friends who have the same drive as I right now and we are both to be seen and talk a lot in the cell phone. It feels good to be able to share thoughts and concerns on a daily basis with these wonderful people. No need to feel envy because it goes well for the other and not thinking is strange. That is the way I want it. When you get it where sms : Heeej good luck on the job when working at home.

Imagine what a text can do. You can’t always call when you sit and work with everything. So then it’s fun to be able to send some text messages to their friends closest 😛

Sending sms takes not so long time it is about a few seconds so it has time if you want 😛

In order to preserve some relationships, so share I do not these people everything that touches my business thoughts no  longer. It is for relationships, and not to shut out other people. There is much to it that I work with should not be destroyed for I need all the energy I can use. Important to be able to make those decisions and it has not been easy either. But now I do it because it creates less turbulence. Instead of speculating, and it takes my energy, so my reflections over all of that I make the decisions I do. I am happy and it feels good. A thousand thanks to you people that in one way or another helped me by showing where you stand. How evil it may have done so, you have helped me to be able to be responsible for it will be as good as possible. This has given me more than what I have lost. It has taught me to better manage and distinguish between business and emotions.



It was my fault from the beginning who wanted to be with friends in my business. For me it was so obvious, but after realizing that it only damaged relationships so I had to do something. So now I have my Webmaster, and a few other close friends who I talk most with when it comes to my business. It will be best for all and none is less worthy than any other.

My inner plans, it is no besides I know about, and so it will remain. As my Webmaster likes to say : You do as you want in the end anyway HAHA 😛

I respect everyone’s choice in how involved or not as it chosen to be. But it is I who govern, and it is I who make and makes all the final decisions.

The biggest decisions are now made regarding some adjustments in the construction.

Feels really wonderful 😀

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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Feel Quite Frisky :)

This Sunday, it will be a little bit of everything here when I have not planned very much yet. Will be answered with what is needed to be arranged here at home and take each day as it comes. Sitting and drinking coffee now to wake up to. It is still spinning quite many thoughts on much right now for me, but it feels good after all. It takes some time to land so it’s nothing strange at all. I gives me the time I need for no one knows me as good as I do. I know exactly what works and what does not when it comes to me 😛


It takes time and much energy to be able to do it as I do especially now when I am still with the very basics of my business. It is important to create a good foundation for it to become that I have thought of. It is not possible to rush into anything but to focus on making it good from the beginning. It is also about surrounding yourself with people who understand the whole thing with that there is so much work behind everything. Those who understand that this is something that is an of one’s greatest interests and it is here that I spend a lot of time and effort. Important to surround yourself with people that inspire you to continue what you are doing. Learn to listen to constructive criticism and not those who are jealous and kick out both the one and the other. Never forget why you strive for their own life goals and to never doubt on you. Know that you can what you do no matter what. Find the strength to affect what you can and not get caught up in it that you can not influence. It is possible to affect more than what we ourselves think and know about many times. There is so much that I have learned through life. You often have a choice and it is also a choice not to choose anything at all. 

Others  choices are their but my choices are mine. My choices are mine to be taken by me. Many options and many crossroads I have had to deal with now for the last time. It has been hugely stressful as I have been disturbed and not been able to work alone as I had to do. Some decisions that I have taken in the recent past will be essential to my well-being in the future. It is possible to see obstacles all the time but it is also possible to work for change if there is something that you really want. Learn to see what it actually is capable of. I am honest with all the time I want to do the best that I can and that it makes me vulnerable in a way. Vulnerable to at all times maintain the balance in order to be the best that I can. So I can use my abilities to the fullest. It makes me frustrated and pissed off when other people come and feel they know best where my limits go.
This is my area and I know the best here and it needs other people to learn to accept. There is a lot that I’ve accepted now especially in the last few months regarding the behavior of others. This has made me feel better and I am freer in my focus. I have made my choice so now it is up to others what they choose to prioritise and what they believe is important to preserve. It is not possible to incite change despite the fact that I have told you how I feel. The only thing that can change anything is me. What others choose to do is up to them. I have given so much of my time and energy as well as force on things now at last it is time for me to let it be. I need to use my strength and my power, where I get the energy back. 

It is absolutely wonderful that I recently actually have found like-minded people. I am so grateful for it that I can bring. So happy and excited over this that I feel quite frisky. It is worth gold and it was fine again, finally. It was also much better. Most of it has a meaning, and when it doesn’t feel like it has it so I have learned to create a sentence with it most of the time. It is one of my strengths. Now, I shall continue to do so as I feel good out in all future similar situations. This is regardless of what others choose to do or not it’s their own choice, and I accept that 😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Very Knowledgeable


20170501_102504.jpgYesterday it was a lovely breakfast with coffee and burgers. I like the combination. It was a nice  to enjoy in the sun. To take the opportunity when you can get a little sunlight. I like to eat more food sometimes, when I slept longer. Then I get good energy and it took a good while before I was hungry again 😛 

In recent times, I’ve had stronger relationships with many people which makes me incredibly grateful. Relations have been strong in the past but become even stronger. Sometimes, things happen that are not raw at strengthens the bond further. It is about survival and when the energy is needed. I accept worse changes to other relationships because I see what has happened and where they are going. It is sad but my energy must cease to incite in these areas when I don’t get the response anymore as it once was. The relationship runs slowly out of steam. Because it takes too much energy from me to try all the time and the people involved to pretend that nothing is what it is. I have been very hurt by other people in the past and some apologize and others don’t. The problem persists and I need time to heal. It does hurts a bit more if it’s people that have been around for a long time. It is useful to feel forgotten for it allowed me to think in new ways of thinking. It allowed me to give time and power where I needed. Something has made me sad a total now of later time, and it has taken all my energy.

 What I do now in the future and there that I decide to put time and effort into is my decision and I will be ruthless. Ruthless means that when I am focused on something and want to succeed so I just run on and I will ignore what the feelings of others will be in this one. For I have tried and  it has made me sad and I am tired. Now there is a new focus and this is where I will put all my energy. I peel it off as unimportant. Unimportant means that there is nothing that I expect in my focus, therefore, it becomes unimportant if it just takes my energy. It is as it is said and it is I who can change what I can change in order to feel better. I am very knowledgeable about how I should behave and I can so many tricks in how I’m going to do. It is always difficult to use the tricks on itself when it is about emotions. This time, I was also the victim of the violation when I was in a slump and much plummeted in my world.
The difference is today I know who I am today so it doesn’t matter with all these violations all the time. What matters is that it takes too much of my energy and therefore I put a stop to it. I am honest about what happens to the people who I feel trust and I have nothing to hide. This is also because I did not should be drained completely of energy now, in the future, but for the fact that I’ll have my energy left.


It will be good in the long run 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other 😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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I was the Black Sheep but now no longer the other people’s protection


What I do when I’m not really healthy and can workout there is to eat. I am not a potato eater but potatoes au gratin is a real favorite. Here, we believe that this will last for several days. I can tell you that it is soon to end. Have the meat and sauce and they are very satisfied. It really is so good. Peel the potatoes went fast for I was talking with a friend at the same time, There is no idea to cut down on the eating when I workout but I eat a lot. Want to be able to workout, so we need to acquire energy and that’s what you get by eating. It is not my thing to eat less and exercise if I want to have long-term results. I try all the time to maintain my thought that I want to be able to cope in the long term. For me it is no option to do that kind of thing that wears me out totally and I don’t have the energy to anything then. It is not an option at all.

When you live as I do, it’s about to live in the present, but to save your strength so you can cope in the long run. Since I have been on the bottom and fought with the devil a few times to priority I different than people who haven’t had to take these battles. I give priority to get everyday life to function, and it’s about things that belong to others, the construction of it all. It means that it is like a circle. Include that I have the order in the base.

 Survival base procedures :
  • home
  • food
  • clothes
  • son to school
  • my work
  • health
  • clean home

I am forced to focus on other than my base so I have no energy to have my base as I want to. You should not destroy what actually works to you think that I should prioritize as you think. 

I focus on that which builds up the way to be able to devote myself to these all luxury day routines. Luxury day routines  are the kind of things that ex:
  • what people think about me
  • interior design
  • the color of my hair
  • how the clothes is in my locker
  • what I have for curtains

The charts are different for different people, and it’s important to respect that we are all different and that our circles are different. For that, I feel good and that these luxury day procedures should be interesting and of value so do my priorities first go to the base circle. It is not so strange but this is to give priority to the right. For people who live differently and have the time to engage in other circles than only the base need to learn to respect me when I devote myself to me base. It is my day to day life and it is my base and you can not respect this so it doesn’t matter who you are.

Then applies the following rule: interfere with you are my work of maintaining my priorities is most important for it to be a good circle on my base as possible, so you have nothing to do with me. For it is easy to come up with the wrong priorities and destroy and then demand that I shall be able to do a lot of things I don’t prioritize. I give priority to what is important to you it does not you that bothers.

It’s all about the simple things how to treat the privacy of others and how to respect the lives of others. Respect how other people choose to live their lives. It is not possible to just trample over others ‘ boundaries and think that just because it works for one it should work for the others. I am a person who has been through traumatic experiences and I have really learned from all my mistakes in life. I has taken me this far on my journey. I take hold of the problem that arise directly and I can be honest and stand for my mistakes. I have developed as a person and I have grown up. Today I am an adult. Can you not respect my daily priorities in order to you yourself suffer from a large control needs so is not it my problem. It becomes my problem when you yourself haven’t learned where the limits are and it interferes with my base circle but does not understand it. When I am the person who always tried to help if I have noticed that I need help. I analyze my own behavior and I am growing as an individual. I know who I am and where I’m going. It has always been so much all the time that I am too much and I too little. I feel too much emotions and it has always been I to examine myself to become someone I’m not. The problem has always been that I am the problem all the time that you need to correct. It has done that I have always worked with myself in my quest and in my belief that the problem lies with me. Only with me. I stand as I said for my problems and mistakes but others do not. 

It is healthier to seek help and to get help and support in her problems than to deny their problems and blame everything on everyone else. It is unhealthy and not healthy to start fights and then blame everything on me. It only shows that the people who do so have not worked with themselves. It only shows that these people actually need an eye-opener with regard to their own behavior. This means that they need professional help.

When it no longer works, constantly trying to get me to the black sheep that you can hide behind. When I decided that I no longer will be the protection so you have to work with yourself. I have nothing to hide and I know who I am.
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀
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New Energy

Today has been a really good day with a lot of emotions and reflections for the future. 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

I will continue to fight for It cause I refuse to give up. I do it as I can and I will always do how difficult it may be. My old soul is a real fighter. I got a new energy today and that feels absolutely wonderful. I am grateful for so much and I feel strong. Sometimes it is hard to be smart and realize what reality is, but rather that and be honest than to live in a lie. Rather than imprisoned in a lie.

It has been about planning a good future as possible and I like where it is going. Everything is a bonus because I know how reality looks like. I also know that I am a true fighter. I know why I do what I do and I am determined in my actions. I talk openly with people who understand me and it saves a lot of energy. New hope and new strategies is my goal in the next round. It always it can arrange itself. There are those things that are not going to do anything about it. They are difficult to accept and it is eating away at me because I am used to always find the solution most of the time. But when you are powerless, so it is easy to become frustrated. When the tears are exhausted what do I do then?

I FIGHT ! Thats  my Strength 😛 

It is thanks to all of you who believe in me that means I can do what I do in a more rewarding way. I strictly follow my future goals but it’s easier if other people support me on my way and sees me.

Now my son and I have will have a really good and lovely weekend 😛

Wish you a Best Weekend of My Finest Readers 😀 

Take Care Of Each Other 😀

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 

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Determined Woman



Have always loved the sea it is so peaceful. Great that summer is on the way now heating and I need sunlight. I have a little cold today, otherwise it is good. Will work with my computer today for a while but then it gets to be rest so I recover as good as me. It is easy to be too eager when you start to feel more energetic. Important is to still be able to take a small walk to get some fresh air. I like to be where it is quiet and not stressful. At the same time I also like it when it happens stuff but it should be at a healthy level. When I notice that it gets to be too much of something so I stop time I think about the future. Long-term think is good so I can’t throw away everything I have worked for in a day. It doesn’t have to happen everything in a day but it is good to be able to reason healthy and split things. When I have lots of energy so I can often do more things than many other people during a whole day but it does not mean that it is so every day and we are all different. We are, and works the same but we are still different. It is fine with us people. But there can also be conflict in that people actually forget this.

It is important to learn to listen to yourself and in the people who understand. Important to accept that other people may not always understand but it should only do to a certain limit. Many do not know where opinions and action are adjacent and it is then there may be disputes of various kinds.
Have noticed many changes since it started to go well for me, both in terms of my blog and my music. Many people that I know have recently behaved a little differently. Seems many are happy for my sake, yet not in any way. Many would say that it is about envy and for that I am the one who has changed. I am doing what I dream about doing but many seem to forget that there are really a lot of work. I get a sort of reminder to others not to do what they want. It is not my responsibility to get other people to follow their dreams, it is up to each one. I want to be a reminder that it is possible. It feels like it instead has become a reminder that some people do not do what they really want to. Think it is sad for I will not let go of my dreams for someone or something.
I am a stubborn and determined woman, as you already know, and I am determined in what I intend to do 😛 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Spoilsport There Are Plenty



You are probably many who have also been in those places and those times in your life when you have lost motivation. This may involve individual interests and different motivations that are in some way disappear. It is quite normal that it becomes so for it goes in waves everything this with incentives and motivation. I can take this whole thing with how it works. I can deal with it better if it is me that has caused this. I know what I’m getting myself into on the way.

It is controlled and I do it when I want to evolve as a person and to be able to reach the goals that I have set up. It is not surprising that you run out of energy and need to rest. This rest destroyed by those who do not understand then it is more difficult everything is and it takes a longer time for me to get new forces. There is much anger and frustration at being interrupted in my own reconstruction. I know what I should prioritize.It is dangerous to break the pattern that I have especially when I have given all that I have. Then there is nothing left and then I get to collect my energy. It is also not good to carp down on it as I have worked with, and that I put my energy on. Don’t forget that after each time I become stronger and it is so ugly to kick me when I’m working with myself. It is inhuman to think they know the best when you don’t know anything.

It is embarrassing and unintelligent to tell me that what I am fighting for is not of value. It is idiotic to believe that behavior like this does not affect me negatively. It is a shame that the first to mock me in my work with myself and then mock me for it takes a longer time for me to get new energy. It is tragic that the man is the reason that a person has more difficult to get new energy and then complain that I’m not doing anything. I take hold of every little detail in it that arise and I am working forward all the time. It is what is the difference of the processing and work on yourself all the time and they never do it. There is a difference in what you prioritize in life whether it is pure survival or if there are common concerns. For me it is survival and for some, their everyday worries me. It is laughable but it has not worked on youself so is that not easy.

People land and see reality as it is, when something happens that affects their daily lives in a way where their whole world can fall together. When their world is exposed. Then wake up people. That is the difference, I am awake all the time and I live in the here and now and not in a pretend world. So don’t come and tell me about what is important to prioritize. Don’t come and question why I am tired and not doing something when you yourselves are a big part of the problem. You understand that outside of your perfect glass bubble, so there are people like me who have to prioritize differently. Does not bother me in this. Can honestly tell you that I am tired and that this will take time. I challenged myself and I worked throughout the nights with me the music and with my blog.

It went really good, but how long was I to know?
Just thought I’d tell you that this was the last time that anyone gets in my way. It is the last time that any carping down on it as I do. Now, apparently, everything is calm and everyday life is restored but the I then?
I’m really tired and don’t have the motivation to anything but that does not stop me at all. On the contrary, I am a warrior and have been here before many times.
Collect as I said energy 😀
Spoilsport, there are plenty, but do not forget that you are stronger !
Take Care Of Each Other 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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Today I have been grocery shopping, so we have the weekend coming. It is very exciting to go away when you have a fever. The world looks a little different when you have a fever, but it is good for the brain, for it does not take in as much colors and impression as it normally does with me. So in any way, it feels good after all.

Yesterday I me and my son saw on a Swedish film called ”The Hundred Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared ” it was really fun. Tonight, we have not decided what we are going to see on film but there will be a comedy.

Now I need to make food here and rest so I can be healthy 😛 

peppers.jpgLets Go 😛 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀

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Questioned Every Time



I takes me just longer and longer until, in my work with myself. It’s not that I don’t really know when it will be these slump periods, as you call it. I ignore completely when they will, if you say so, but many other people will be surprised when it happens. You will be questioned every time and it takes a lot of energy from me.

Each time I am well prepared I have noticed since I myself know how I operate, so it is not really a downswing in itself that is the most demanding. What is most demanding is the people who don’t understand. There is a difference between not understand and to not understand and to question in order to press down the person who is in a slump. One question, of course, not a newly-operated cardiac patient about why he is not at his work or at the gym. This question not for there is a great risk that the newly-operated die if they do not take it easy. But I then ? I who live with mental ill-health called into question every time when my soul needs rest in order to not wither away and die. I questioned why I do not work and are as good as any other. Just want to explain that when I have my worst days so I am as worn and tired as a newly-operated person.

It is then that those who do not understand the whole this thing with living with mental illness actually get to feel the fatigue that I have each day. Some days I’m less tired than other days. Feeling better and worse, it varies. But I am proud to be me and I do not doubt myself despite the fact that others do it. Despite the fact that the other does not understand how I work. My whole life I have worked by myself for me to be able to reduce the high and lows. What I notice is that the less other people have to compare it with, the more understanding and less questioning.
There is less questioning when I’m completely sick than when I can work good in some periods. So the healthier I get the more harder it will be with other people who don’t understand the whole process. I get discouraged in my own recovery and I compared all the time with my best and worst days.


This time when I ran out of energy in total is not that I have failed in what I’m doing, but it belongs to my continuous process to take me further and develop to the stronger :

  • I have written more songs than the last of my energy ran out . 11 songs on Spotify
  • I’ve added one more  work area at the later time.
  • I also work here at the Finest20170418_141023.jpg
So when many people are still stuck in their position as a major question mark so I am constantly under development and I’ll take me forward. I am learning all the time to use my gear that I have and I can not find something that works so I create a new gear for it.
Stop trying to explain to people who do not want to understand, surround yourself with people who allow you to be regardless of whether they understand you or not.
Take care of each other 😀
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛 
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