I’m like a bad burned mobile battery that can go from 1 million % of the battery rapidly to a total – 500000 %

I and my son was and bought so much food yesterday after we decided that we could manage it. Act as much food and have their children with is just as exciting every time. Think it is important that he gets to be with and he thinks it is fun. We walked into the store when it was light outside and we came out of the store when it was dark. There is a lot to work with then when you get home with all the goods but it is best to and then it’s done. I like to be able to fill up the freezer and the refrigerator then do not have to shop so often  😛

To sort all our clothes and run a few extra washers. Cleans out and buy some new clothes. Cleaned my son’s room and he has got to decide which toys he wants to keep and who he wants to give away. It is so easy to accumulate too much stuff. Good energy to get in a home that does not have too much things because the bad energy gets stuck easy if you have a lot of things. Energy needs space to move on and to be able to take forward. I feel the difference so much that it just feels liberating to clean. 

I clean in a healthy way for it is not possible to clean all the time. I have those days that it is not a priority for me to clean up but the days I let be so. I know I still get it cleaned then anyway  😛
It is healthy for me to get these days when I’m at home no matter really what I do at home. Is there a way for me to manage myself and to feel calm. It goes to the big a lot of energy for me just by I am outside of my home. Also, if I do things that I love. I’m like a bad burned mobile battery that can go from 1 million % of the battery rapidly to a total – 500000 % .
This is why we can’t hang out or that I can work some periods. This is why I sometimes you just have to go home when I can. While I do not choose to go away for much. Everything is carefully planned by me because I want to have so good balance of everything as possible in this imbalance. Fixes this very good, I think. Many people often wonder when it comes to me.
Why does she not ?
Why does she do it ?
The answer to the questions is that I do it when I’m ready and when I can. I’m not lackadaisical or lazy, I work and live all the time in order to maintain balance. I have chosen to fight with myself every day because I am a strong and worthy opponent. It is the success in my own development, which allowed me to continue and it is also the acceptance to stop myself, where it is useless. Better to give priority to what works than to begin to prioritize and spend energy on it that will only take energy from it that works and I go backwards  😛
There is always something going on and I’ll continue to work here with my music hihi so Lovely  🙂 
Will focus on taking each day as it comes  😛

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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Carrying myself home in the best possible way hihi :)


Yesterday 😛 , it was an interesting day that separated themselves a bit from the other days when it does not occur so often. But I know myself so well that I can quickly read and analyze what I need to do. I was a bit ill yesterday for those who do not know how I work. But this is recurring every month. Now think that it is your period but it is not entirely wrong to think so. We like to think that your period will be the 20 no weirdness at all. I have errors on my thyroid and take medicine for it and it works great. But should I have my period around the 20 so starts my body to complicate already the 13. It has become much worse in recent years, and it’s like my hormones get the free spin and that the medicine does not help as it should a week before your period. When my medication does not help, so it goes on me, both physically and mentally, and I become even more tired than usual. I will of course check this with my doctor. These symptoms usually come one step at the time so Iam  able to know when the fatigue will gradually. What happened yesterday was like someone pressed a button. So there I sat at work in the couch and my bodily defense mechanisms shuts down me to gather new energy. It is a little easier for me if stuff like this happens when you are at home then there will be less work for me to gather new energy. But I’m stubborn and have no problem with carrying  myself home in the best possible way. It is just to be firm and clear with myself and take myself home 😛 

You who know me know that I have so much self irony and humor that I think this is terribly funny at the same time as I, of course, will hear of me to a doctor.  Iam and work as I do and most people know that I am doing what I can according to my capacity. My capabilities may differ tremendously from day-to-day, and then it is so. Sometimes it is like I get into an involuntary hibernation, but I know that I need it to do on other days. There are many factors that made that I knew yesterday, now so. But the biggest sign was that I went from being very keen to feel that I would be able to fall asleep and I was on my way to do it if I had put me down. 

I can never make as straight of which I have had sleeping problems for about 15 years. Falling asleep in the middle of the day in addition to after lot of coffee. Easy-to-read myself there. I open with this because I think it is important to spread the message that despite the fact that we are who we are, and suffer what we have, we are Amazing.

Important to accept yourself and surround yourself by people who understand. Sometimes, it can’t get other people to understand and then it is important that you know how you work and that you accept yourself.

Today as mixed/mastered it with my next song in the studio and I am preparing to soon let you hear 🙂 .

A thousand Thanks to those of you who follow me on my Music Journey :

Take Care Of Yourself and Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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I is also for me a mystery which I find very interesting and I love to be me.


Played out my 14 song yesterday 😛  .It was really fun and there is always a new challenge for me. I never know how my senses are the days that I shall record but it has gone well so far. Sometimes I have good focus and other times it takes a little longer for me to get it as I want it. But it is enough for most people. So it is with creativity and there is nothing that can completely control. Sometimes it will fully automatically, and sometimes it takes a little bit longer. Some days I can write a lot of music.

Other days, it can’t write a line of text. But that is the way it is and I like that it is so. I have very many thoughts about a lot and I have a good imagination. It helps me when I write my music and work is not a thing, then I try something else. I have an internal strong performance anxiety where I know how I want it to be. I struggle all the time to achieve the achievement that I have fixed. I know how I want it so I’m tough on myself. Know that the end result always makes me more than satisfied regarding my music.

Therefore, it is worth that I am tough on myself. I know exactly what I want and how hard I can push myself when it comes to the music. Sometimes so close I only of all things, and I get blocked in it as I do, and it can be about anything. But I’ve learned to deal with this in a good way so it will not be any big problems. I have good self-awareness and I’m not ashamed to tell other people when I become blocked in my senses. Those who know me see all the time that I am trying to in spite of everything. I am a person who needs a lot of time and repeated routines that suit me so therefore structure the I up the a good everyday. A weekday where I in a smart way all the time fix the small things that make everyday life simpler for to be able to constantly do it as I do. Adapt to the outside world as good as possible but also to be able to be yourself as much as I can 😛 

 I have not always liked myself as a person and how I have acted. I have acted wrong many times in pure frustation in that everything I did was wrong all the time. Finally, was there anything that was the only thing that I knew. It was something that became my false sense of security. When it was something that I actually did well so it felt like I was not worthy to be good. Then I acted wrong instead of that it was my false sense of security. This was not a healthy behavior and I drew to me the wrong kind of people. People who were like me, and I felt respected in all the chaos that constantly arose. It was like to be living death and to be totally outside the society in which I feel like a part of nowadays. I had to accept myself at the time and I had no choice. It was a hell to me, for I could not control myself. The road to the person I am today has not been easy but I’m very proud of the person I have become. I think about myself today and I know who I am.
Maybe I can’t explain in words who I am but I can tell you that I think about myself. My new I, I have not had in so many years, so it’s new to me. I know what I want and I know what I can do. I is also for me a mystery which I find very interesting and I love to be me.
Amazing to get to experience it as I do with everything today. I am so grateful that I never gave up. I am grateful for all the people who believe in me.  screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpg
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 
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Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to.


Have had a big nice and cosy weekend now, with many fun events. My son has played football and played games with his buddies. We have met the near and dear and I have gotten help with many things that I wanted to get on here at home. Haha 😛  it was I who started a further project now in the weekend as there was so much done. Really need to have some days now when there is so much happening but a few days with less to do. It is I who puts up the borders and I can be tough on myself to reach where I want to. When I see it all the time going to reach my set targets, it is given me to continue. It gets me all the time like a little more and it allowed me to constantly upgrade myself. Become stronger and more confident in it as I already can and to dare to learn new things are good challenges for me. Many people who complain about me for many different reasons, are often the people who do not know what they are. They wouldn’t dare it as I actually dare to. I am not an easy opponent because I have so many sides and emotions. To battle against myself is and will always be for me the most worthy opponent I will ever face. The people who think that they have been able to break me down have not done it, but it has been based on that I have enjoyed them. The people who go around and think that they have the ability to break down me don’t have the ability. It is my strong ability to love other people who have been released into these people in depth, and hence made me very vulnerable.

Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to. It stops there for I will choose carefully the people I love. It means that I can control my emotions in a completely different way than in the past. When I love other people, I do it ruthlessly, and that’s why you feel in the whole room if I like  you. Then I like you as a person, but had I loved you so, had you known it million times stronger. I don’t have some feelings for you at all, it is the other way. I is medial and this is why I can be very emotional and have a lot of feelings.Feel strongly what others are feeling and experiencing. Life and death go through me for I am a kind of portal for everything and I’m a link and I can open and close the links. Something that I’ve mastered skillfully. It is not any stranger for me than you maybe really good at math which I am not. Perhaps you are afraid of stuff like this that is all about energies and spirits, while I can get a panic in a shop for that there is too much stuff there. When I’m tired and just want to escape from there to something more quiet place. To a place where you would probably have a panic if you saw a lot of spirits and energies but in a place where I would become completely peaceful and be totally relaxed.

We are different and stuff that you pass by in everyday life, which I think is a big stressful as you do not even reflect upon can destroy an entire day for me. One day, it is not at all stressful for me and the other day it is completely panic-stricken. But it is enough divided so that since I have the other that I’m not afraid at all, and you, possibly, it is, so it still feels good, and fair  😛 .Right now, I have the need to buy clothes online because I need some new clothes. But I don’t have the ability to focus on online shopping right now. It is what I mean by saying that we have all people of different abilities and they can be different strengths from day to day. Sometimes I have the focus to go through 12 thousand different garments and choose out about 5 of them and buy 3 but not today  😛 

But when it comes to the people I should love, it is an ability that all the time is strong. 

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

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What do you think my readers about this picture that I have taken ?

Wonderful little creature, with its fine green color and cute head. A completely normal day when I was out on a walk so I could save this little friend, and take this nice card. You are welcome to follow me on instagram I post a lot regarding my music but also about other things happening in my everyday life  :-P. There are so many times that I dont have time to get out my camera but this time so did I good. Think about this picture and it was a good meeting.

What do you think my readers about this picture that I have taken ?

Wish you a very lovely weekend  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

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There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time :)

20170814_104642.JPGWonderful start on the day with good food like I did last night and wild strawberriecandy  and coffee. It can’t get better for about a couple of hours so I’m off to my work. I have booked into the next time in musicstudio for the next recording of my upcoming song. Feels really fun and exciting as always. I’m probably like this positive and happy today, for I decided one thing yesterday. Sometimes, it is wonderful to wake up and know that you have taken the right decision. Really a decision that will make that I will have so much more energy now in the future. I don’t actually have time and energy for some people. Sometimes as a priority I, other people in a way that takes a lot of energy that I care about them. I have really seen the advantages and disadvantages of this now in recent times so therefore I have taken a decision. I always have a choice and instead of wasting more time and effort where it does not seem to be needed so I need not be there more. It has gone so far that I do not want to simply. I continue to do what makes my family to have the good for the first go. The money I earn today will be added in the Mother and Son Adventure Checkout. 

I have not decided yet what we will do, I and my son, when given the chance. It was so incredibly successful when we went and visited one of my closest friends one summer. It was to Gothenburg, Varberg, Halmstad and many other fine places. The trip was so wonderful and we had it so nice with my friend. One of the best trips always. Now my friend is in a different location and we have said that we should try to be seen soon. It is a nice friend I have and we have known each other for so long so her I miss lots. 

There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time. First it is me and my son to find something exciting  😛 

I love to plan so it will be good how I do. It will be incredibly fun to go somewhere with my son. It will be so wonderful to meet many of my friends again soon  😛 

Now I’m going to plan ahead here and drink up my coffee hihi  😀 screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpg

Take care of each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 


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Wonderful that I finally made the final decision :)

20170528_093826.jpgMy summer has been really fantastic and I have had time with it as I have had the goal to catch. There has been so much impression has been good and there have also been some other private that has not been so good. But I have a choice, and I’m sitting right now in some thoughts about how I’ll do with this that has been less good. I have the choice to be able to choose a much better behavior than how I’ve felt lately that’s been extremely hard for me. But I have the choice not to feel like this again and I should not hesitate for I am much stronger than this. It is not always as you have thought, with different ideas and thoughts and it is so it always will be.

What would be gains without losses? It is life, not do as I want and it is there that I can not help. It is one of my strongest and greatest strengths to never give up whatever happens. Sometimes, this is not my choice whether to give up but to let go. I do it for the future to be as good as possible. I do it to be able to create a good future. much stronger than this.  There have been so many times that I really thought that these people will always be at my side, and I for them in the rest of my life. But I have many times been hurt and disappointed and then take this step in not having them in my life journey simply.

It is sad at first, but then I see that the future is bright even without these people. Why I didn’t just break the contact with some people, it is enough that I still hope that maybe it can be like before again. Sometimes, it is much better to himself break the contact. I have really been thinking so much all summer and I have made my choice. It goes so well for me right now and I really have the most wonderful friends around me. It is amazing the people that I know and there is so much love.

Yesterday one of my friends came to my home and today I have talked with some of my other friends. Think that the summer has been really good. I am so glad that I am pushing myself in spite of setbacks to take me on. Indeed I have succeeded so many times. I’m doing it again, and it feels good despite the fact that I didn’t put so much emotion in this it has been. Wonderful that I finally made the final decision. Now I can really put it to the side  😛 

I have worked all summer and soon it is time to slow down a little bit. It feels okay and fits me perfectly.. I have had it so great exactly as it use to be  😛 

I will work with my upcoming music and with my blog so clearly. I have my own business to work with, and to fall back to now after the summer. It feels wonderful and I yearn for this. Then when I am working with my own business so I miss my work. This means that I found a way that works for me.

Feels really fun because this is something I fought for so long. It is for my son who I do everything for I have promised him a part of things in the future. My son is proud of me and it makes me so HAPPY  🙂 I was struggling to I should be able to give my son what I have promised. Everything takes time but slowly but surely we will take us closer to our common goal for the future. Everything for you MY BELOVED SON screenshot_2017-05-20-22-16-45.jpg…..







Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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I’ve searched and hunted, and ran afoul of myself in my entire life !


I am very pleased that I have been able to work that I have done up to now in summer. There are 2 weeks left and time has gone quickly as usual. There will be more time to be creative regarding the music and it will be a good time. I have a lot that I want to do and have many plans for the future. It is really interesting and exciting to think of what I should do in the future, but it’s actually wonderful to live in the here and now. I am always on the road somewhere. Have just had one of my food periods when I eat almost everything I see.  Feel heavy in the body but it does nothing. In about a week so I am going again with the workouts and more walking. You need to eat in order to be able to work out and be able to build muscle. I have an imbalance in my thyroid there might be some symptoms even though I eat my medicine. But now, it goes in the right direction again  🙂 

Despite some of the bad things now in the summer with both broken relationships and death and stress, so I think I have coped with me well. It is not possible to influence some things and I have learned many times now in life. Broken relationships and friendship is also something that I learned to deal with. Nothing is broken but that it makes something good out of it. I have recently regained contact with many of my old friends from childhood and many of my friendships have become even stronger. I am surrounded by the finest friends that are. The people who know me and know my whole journey but still is jealous of me and where I have come today are people that I will break off contact with. It is completely unreasonable for me to even have those people in my vicinity. The summer has been wonderful in many ways despite the difficulties, there have been incredibly a lot of love. It shows that life goes on whatever happens. 

I am the person who has changed for the better and I have fought to become who I am today. I’ve searched and hunted, and ran afoul of myself in my entire life. Today, I am proud to be me and I am proud of the person I have become. My journey has been more problematic than what many of you know about but the main thing is where and who I am today. So you either see me and respect me for who I am or you have no place in my friendshipcircle at all. I respect myself and it is the most important  but it is also important to surround yourself with people who respect you as you are. Today I have so many people around me who respect me for who I am and it is exactly as it should be. Love You All My Greatest Friends  😛 

Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n



My Music : 

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My Son Turned 9 Years Old Yesterday :)

Overjoyed Mother

My son turned 9 years old yesterday, which was celebrated with a day on a secret outing. We had it very cozy. I had chosen a good path so that my son could have something to watch during our little trip. It was so much fun he fell asleep after 5 minutes after we had begun to drive. It resulted after when we had eaten at the restaurant so he became more alert and more energetic. We ate chicken and then had coffee in a café. Went and talked about life and people and about ourselves. It was a lovely day 😛 .  I am  

My son has done so much in the summer and been on so many activities. He has been abroad many times in his life and got to do so much. It makes me so happy as a mother that I truly have been able to arrange everything so well for us that my son get to explore the world in this way. My son is my biggest motivation and he is the person who allowed me to do everything that I do today. It is he who makes me feel alive. We have a great relationship and we are a good team. We are  a family that has many deep discussions.

Gave my son a mobile when he was old enough and it is because he is good at technology and I think it is important that he must keep up with developments. I have told him how to deal with the internet and that I should always know what he is doing on the Net before he is older. But it is important that he gets to explore with regarding this for I see that he has good skills already. To let my son develop within the how to use a computer and how to use a mobile is very positive. My son has a lot of knowledge in this that I can’t.

He has me as a mother who has internet as my workplace, and I teach him from the beginning. I teach him that there are people who may not always write so nice things about me on the net. I teach him that I seen and heard a lot on the net. That he should always come to me if there is something he is wondering about. If someone says something about my music that he does not agree with. Someone may have comments about my blog and about me. I teach my son that people will always find a lot of different things on a lot.

The most important thing is that you know deep inside that it is good as it is. My son, when the strong in himself and he has very much empathy when it comes to other people. My son is very smart. It’s that I work with is to strengthen his comprehension when it comes to various limits. I know how it is to live with empathy and how some people have used my kindness through the years. Then how some people disappear and pulls away when they no longer can get things, ex money of you. Empathy is about so much more. Empathy is something else. It is when you have a lot of empathy and want to help other people who are there are the people who make use of your goodness. I promise you that once you stop giving things and money to clear the people of their own accord from your life. It is therefore important to set limits and that is what I teach my son.


I have not always made the smartest choices in my life but I knew that day that it is time to change a thing. Change for the better and it is not to be egoistic, but it is to focus on his own family. Focus and care about the people who care about me as a person. As the friends pay the note every other time and petrol money is sound when it comes to money. You give and take and helping each other in everyday life with everything what it can mean.

It’s not about the money and those who pulls away when you put the limits help only got me to really see where I want to put my energy in the future. In recent times I have helped other people in different everyday events that occurred. Then in the middle of everything, I get back lots of things that I need. It gives and takes in a healthy way, where everything goes around. I get back where I don’t even reflected over that I wanted to have it when I helped other people. It is what it is best to have the right people around you.

 dsc_0017-1386874588.jpgBought a couple of very nice curtains yesterday that I’ll fix that up in the right place. It will be as I have thought, so it will probably up a picture of the result. I’m not a star to put up curtains so haha I promise nothing. It is I who happen to snatch down a curtain rod and everything when I just should correct to an existing curtain that is in Place haha 😛 
In the meantime, now that I write this blog post, I get a message that the accessories for my son’s new mobile phone has arrived. He will be so happy tonight when he can start using his first mobile 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😛 


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Network Is Large :)

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nDespite a bit of sleep tonight because my body doesn’t do what I want really so it has been a very good day. I eat my Levaxin which is for my thyroid and I’m going to eat the whole of life. But sometimes it’s like it’s blocked in the body and I can be surprised with a few different symptoms each time it happens. Therefore, it is a bit hard to read when it is done. It happened in the night was the symptoms don’t usually be with at all when it gets this short. So last night, I was stressed and could not sleep.It really is not a good combination to become stressed when producing the various symptoms of imbalance in the body. It is easy to get stressed up and can’t sleep for it. It sets off lot of other signals in both my body and brain and it is not good. Adrenaline and a lot of other instincts can start and it will be me not alert of. But now since I’m stubborn, and has a good job, so I took me to work today. I will certainly sleep many hours now but it I need  😛   

Worked a lot with the blog now to get it to spread on the network. It is a job that I can work with in forever it feels like. Of the network is large. It helps, of course, that I think it is big fun. But how fun it is, so it takes time to all the time. It is time that I gladly devote so clear but I am very careful to also have days that I rest on. But after each blog post so I share it on different social media. For each new song I release, and I will do the same. It is so as I have always done late 2012 with my blog. It is so as I do with every new song I release. The more creative I am the more work I get to work late. It is so that I take a little more space on the web all the time and reach out to more and more people. It feels so wonderful and fun to see how my business continually grows. It is exactly here that I want to work my whole life. It fits me so well. I have a commonsense approach to working from home and I enjoy working from my computer. I love Internet  😛 

Because it was like it was night until today, it is time for me to rest now. I had planned to do today after my work will have to wait. I have decided that when it gets like this, so always go to recovery first, for it is there that I can live as I do. MinikeGirl

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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