I’ve tossed a lot of stuff :)

Woke up with a good feeling about that I’ll work with my music today. Yesterday, I went and trained a bit it was a while ago. What is important is that you are moving especially after a break. To get started breathing in a good way. Now I have furnished finished one of my rooms so that it has become a good study. It feels good to finally have gotten it and that it is the orderliness. I have really cleared away a lot of things in my home to be able to constantly keep it standard as I want to. It will be much better energy in one’s home when there is too much stuff that bad energy can get stuck in. It is important for me, as are medial all the time to have good energy in my home. Also like that it is easily cleaned and that surfaces. Have often heard that I do not have so many furniture and not so many trinkets. It is a choice that I have made, not to accumulate a lot of things because I know how it can be. Think that it is enough to have advanced the most to use. I’ve tossed a lot of stuff and will continue with it. Have a very good system which facilitates very much to be able to throw away that which I do not need  😛 


Now I’m going to take and continue to work for today, so stuff happens, I can promise  😛  screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg





Now I have a cd cover as I will be working with as is to my new song. It is a bit to arrange to be there, but I am soon finished. It is really fun because I can see which countries like my music the most and they are not always as you may think. I am so grateful for all of you people who listen to my music and read my blog. I get so many nice words from many of you. Soon so there will be more songs here : 

Take Care Of Each Other

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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Pure Survival Instinct

Soon it is time for me to record on my next song and it will be really fun, It is a song in Swedish, and I did almost finished the cover yesterday. It is cool that I do the covers myself, for it is something that I did not think was so simply that I, in the beginning. Most of it is probably because I lack patience when it comes to stuff like that. Rather have done them yourself than to be someone who is professionals. It’s fun to dare to be creative in areas that are new to me. I don’t even have to wait on other people to do the covers. 


I Think that it is much easier to have as few people involved in my creativity.So it is lovely and very promotion to control all by yourself. Then there is my Webmaster and my MusicProducer who are the ones who stand me the closest regarding my creativity. They are people who understand me and respect me as a person. They understand often how I think, which few people do. They know that my motivations are strong and they give advice and tips but always say that it is I who decide in the end. I also ask them what they think is best  😛 


It is a fact that I expose my soul through my music and through my blog. It has not always been the case that I have been in such good contact with my soul and with my feelings. Some periods I have been so jaded that I have not known anything at all. Other times, I have felt everything I can feel and everything has been helter-skelter. I have lived in periods where I have closed off all my emotions as pure survival instinct. So I have not always been here, it has been a long and tough journey for me. 

I work every day with myself to all the time be close to my feelings. I can at the same time that I am completely uncaring, in a case know how much of that time in another case. It is when my energy runs out that I can’t keep everything in balance and it is then that I fall together. The blog and my music are very important building blocks for me. It also means that I and my son can live as we do. Working from home as I do means that I can decide my working hours, which will be many hours of the day. 


Yesterday, I cooked really good food. Scallops with seafoodmix. Fantastic good  😛 . Yummy with all these lovely tomatoes in the spices and cream. 
Have the best my wonderful listeners, and readers  😛 
Take Care Of Each Other  
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 
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Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to.


Have had a big nice and cosy weekend now, with many fun events. My son has played football and played games with his buddies. We have met the near and dear and I have gotten help with many things that I wanted to get on here at home. Haha 😛  it was I who started a further project now in the weekend as there was so much done. Really need to have some days now when there is so much happening but a few days with less to do. It is I who puts up the borders and I can be tough on myself to reach where I want to. When I see it all the time going to reach my set targets, it is given me to continue. It gets me all the time like a little more and it allowed me to constantly upgrade myself. Become stronger and more confident in it as I already can and to dare to learn new things are good challenges for me. Many people who complain about me for many different reasons, are often the people who do not know what they are. They wouldn’t dare it as I actually dare to. I am not an easy opponent because I have so many sides and emotions. To battle against myself is and will always be for me the most worthy opponent I will ever face. The people who think that they have been able to break me down have not done it, but it has been based on that I have enjoyed them. The people who go around and think that they have the ability to break down me don’t have the ability. It is my strong ability to love other people who have been released into these people in depth, and hence made me very vulnerable.

Now-a-days, you have not a chance that I will love you if I have decided that I don’t want to. It stops there for I will choose carefully the people I love. It means that I can control my emotions in a completely different way than in the past. When I love other people, I do it ruthlessly, and that’s why you feel in the whole room if I like  you. Then I like you as a person, but had I loved you so, had you known it million times stronger. I don’t have some feelings for you at all, it is the other way. I is medial and this is why I can be very emotional and have a lot of feelings.Feel strongly what others are feeling and experiencing. Life and death go through me for I am a kind of portal for everything and I’m a link and I can open and close the links. Something that I’ve mastered skillfully. It is not any stranger for me than you maybe really good at math which I am not. Perhaps you are afraid of stuff like this that is all about energies and spirits, while I can get a panic in a shop for that there is too much stuff there. When I’m tired and just want to escape from there to something more quiet place. To a place where you would probably have a panic if you saw a lot of spirits and energies but in a place where I would become completely peaceful and be totally relaxed.

We are different and stuff that you pass by in everyday life, which I think is a big stressful as you do not even reflect upon can destroy an entire day for me. One day, it is not at all stressful for me and the other day it is completely panic-stricken. But it is enough divided so that since I have the other that I’m not afraid at all, and you, possibly, it is, so it still feels good, and fair  😛 .Right now, I have the need to buy clothes online because I need some new clothes. But I don’t have the ability to focus on online shopping right now. It is what I mean by saying that we have all people of different abilities and they can be different strengths from day to day. Sometimes I have the focus to go through 12 thousand different garments and choose out about 5 of them and buy 3 but not today  😛 

But when it comes to the people I should love, it is an ability that all the time is strong. 

Take Care Of Each Other  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

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Emma Plithammar Made Me Do This :)


Haha 😛  it was so long ago that I did like this face mask and it is seen really for I have not quite the talent to put it nicely. But it is what it is best here you do not need to be anything professional. Think it feels good and it’s the main thing. I have also been using a toothpaste now on the latest which is absolutely superb and magical, for it has removed all the discoloration from my teeth. I drink so much coffee, which has ruined my teeth’s natural shade. The toothpaste I use has saved me. in connection with the fact that I was the second so I bought a lipgloss that is the top. I’m a star in the to use lipgloss because it was always a ”must ” when I was younger. So it is important for me that it is good products. I work a lot in front of the computer and also have a imbalance in my thyroid that I need to constantly take care of my skin. It is also important for me to give myself a day like this then I just may be. 


It was by pure chance that I found this girl that sells these products on my facebook : https://www.facebook.com/emma.pilthammar?fref=ts

I found a group on facebook where I also found all these awesome beauty products: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1405116009524489/?fref=ts        Talk to Emma if you want to get in her group on Facebook  😛


It is time for me to wash away this awesome face mask now and continue to work on

Have the best all my lovely listeners and readers 

Take care of each other  😛 


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Yesterday I worked from 07:30 – 20:30 and it means that I went up at around 05:00 in the morning :)

Yesterday I worked from 07:30 – 20:30 and it means that I went up at around 05:00 in the morning. I was quite tired after the session but I was tired in a good way. So today, I’ve slept well and feel ready for the day. It has been good to work now in the summer and now I go from having worked on the schedule to stand in the encirclement. Now it is important to take a few days off to gather energy. When you are  creative as I am  it can be difficult to not do anything but to rest and take care of your  health is actually among the most important thing you can do. Everything need not happen in a day and all these thoughts that go around in your brain goes with a lot of practice to tame. Right now I’m practicing my singing voice haha it goes a little this and that with it, I sit down and write at the same time. I’m thinking about a lot of things at the same time and drinking coffee.

 I’m going to take and plan in the nearest time in my calendar so that it becomes like I want to. It would be good if I had a calendar haha it do I need to buy, I see this 😛 

I have a regular calendar but I need a larger calendar where I get a good place to be able to write much on each day. I’m extremely picky when it comes to the right to buy the calendar but I know wich one that  I want. 
Hope you have a good day my lovely listeners and readers : 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl  😛 

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To record more of my songs that I have written :)

Changed some plans yesterday so this Sunday I got to plan about. Sometimes there will be some changes in my planning. So yesterday I cleaned the I and today so I have done a little bit of food. The idea from the beginning was to continue to clean but I have time to continue now in the week. Did really good food just as I’m sitting and eating now  😛 20170820_125436.JPG20170820_125241.JPG 

Amazing what you have access to to be as creative as I am. Even if  I am  not the best at what I do  it will be often good if I believe in myself.

In the near future which will, it is time for me to work more with my music and to record more of my songs that I have written. Because it works so good for me to work as I do so I will continue with it. There is no reason to change what works. This time, I dont  change to anything but even so I have a lot of challenges left that I will fight for. I have a lot of things that I want to get into the daily routine and I have almost succeeded with it. It will be a challenge and I will have to fight to get where I want but it will be worth it. The funny thing is that I already know now that I will be successful with it as I want to. Is about to give myself time and a day so I am there quite easily  😛 

A thousand Thanks to all of You who Listen to my music. Now I have 13 songs out on Spotify: 

Have the best my listeners and readers 

Many hugs Minike  😛 screenshot_2017-07-02-11-00-11.jpg






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What do you think my readers about this picture that I have taken ?

Wonderful little creature, with its fine green color and cute head. A completely normal day when I was out on a walk so I could save this little friend, and take this nice card. You are welcome to follow me on instagram I post a lot regarding my music but also about other things happening in my everyday life  :-P. There are so many times that I dont have time to get out my camera but this time so did I good. Think about this picture and it was a good meeting.

What do you think my readers about this picture that I have taken ?

Wish you a very lovely weekend  😛 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_n

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When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in Haha :)

20170505_123824.jpgToday, I sit and plan what I’m going to shop for food. It is time for me to shop much food now again. It is a project in itself, but I think it feels so good when I have been home it needed. Now in the summer so it has become that I have acted more often. Because my thyroid does not been so good, it has also meant that I had various different symptoms. My hormones have become so much worse now in the last year, and it is approximately 1 week on each month that I feel completely okay. It is a big change for me but it is good anyway. It’s just a bit scary when it shows up symptoms that I had earlier. Now I feel that, despite everything going in the right direction again. It is so important with what I eat. Sometimes I can eat something that knocks out my levaxin and my values and it is then that the symptoms will. I can go from not being hungry to be there in less than a second. So I have to find little tricks applicable to always try to have a good balance  😛 May think healthy and look at the clock when I should eat something when I am not at all hungry and I get to think sometimes that this is a moderate portion. Some days I eat more than a full-grown lumberjack haha and other days I get barely in me any food. But if you spread out my food intake on the number of days in a month, so I’m at a good level. I have good values and a very strong heart and feel good. So I’m good anyway to have a good balance. A good balance of current this requires a lot of discipline and hard work.

So now when I write my long shopping list of everything I should be, so I start from to get home with healthy food. But healthy food to better use if I practice of course. Everything hangs together  😛 img_20170510_085134.jpg

A tip if it is a little difficult to think of what that will be traded is to go to the shop that you intend to shop in and write your shopping list on the spot. Then you go back to the shop. This can be cumbersome and feel like an extra thing for many but it can also facilitate. Do what feels easiest for you. It is the most important. It is easy to also go online and see what the grocery store has for the range if it is difficult to come up with something good. When I buy on a large scale so they usually close the cashier that I shop in because I buy so much. It is also, of course, so that I’m not the best at to put the goods in the right direction. My energy is not so high when I get to the cashier and thinking activity relevant to add the 5 articles the right can take all of the thinking sometimes. Imagine, then, how it will be when I buy on a large scale for the 4-5 thousand bucks haha  😛 

Now, I shall continue to write on my shopping list this wonderful Tuesday. Have some other things I want to do today, so I take each day as it comes, simply.


Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time :)

20170814_104642.JPGWonderful start on the day with good food like I did last night and wild strawberriecandy  and coffee. It can’t get better for about a couple of hours so I’m off to my work. I have booked into the next time in musicstudio for the next recording of my upcoming song. Feels really fun and exciting as always. I’m probably like this positive and happy today, for I decided one thing yesterday. Sometimes, it is wonderful to wake up and know that you have taken the right decision. Really a decision that will make that I will have so much more energy now in the future. I don’t actually have time and energy for some people. Sometimes as a priority I, other people in a way that takes a lot of energy that I care about them. I have really seen the advantages and disadvantages of this now in recent times so therefore I have taken a decision. I always have a choice and instead of wasting more time and effort where it does not seem to be needed so I need not be there more. It has gone so far that I do not want to simply. I continue to do what makes my family to have the good for the first go. The money I earn today will be added in the Mother and Son Adventure Checkout. 

I have not decided yet what we will do, I and my son, when given the chance. It was so incredibly successful when we went and visited one of my closest friends one summer. It was to Gothenburg, Varberg, Halmstad and many other fine places. The trip was so wonderful and we had it so nice with my friend. One of the best trips always. Now my friend is in a different location and we have said that we should try to be seen soon. It is a nice friend I have and we have known each other for so long so her I miss lots. 

There are so many of my friends who I want to meet and will meet now in the nearest time. First it is me and my son to find something exciting  😛 

I love to plan so it will be good how I do. It will be incredibly fun to go somewhere with my son. It will be so wonderful to meet many of my friends again soon  😛 

Now I’m going to plan ahead here and drink up my coffee hihi  😀 screenshot_2017-05-20-22-17-57.jpg

Take care of each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 


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Wonderful that I finally made the final decision :)

20170528_093826.jpgMy summer has been really fantastic and I have had time with it as I have had the goal to catch. There has been so much impression has been good and there have also been some other private that has not been so good. But I have a choice, and I’m sitting right now in some thoughts about how I’ll do with this that has been less good. I have the choice to be able to choose a much better behavior than how I’ve felt lately that’s been extremely hard for me. But I have the choice not to feel like this again and I should not hesitate for I am much stronger than this. It is not always as you have thought, with different ideas and thoughts and it is so it always will be.

What would be gains without losses? It is life, not do as I want and it is there that I can not help. It is one of my strongest and greatest strengths to never give up whatever happens. Sometimes, this is not my choice whether to give up but to let go. I do it for the future to be as good as possible. I do it to be able to create a good future. much stronger than this.  There have been so many times that I really thought that these people will always be at my side, and I for them in the rest of my life. But I have many times been hurt and disappointed and then take this step in not having them in my life journey simply.

It is sad at first, but then I see that the future is bright even without these people. Why I didn’t just break the contact with some people, it is enough that I still hope that maybe it can be like before again. Sometimes, it is much better to himself break the contact. I have really been thinking so much all summer and I have made my choice. It goes so well for me right now and I really have the most wonderful friends around me. It is amazing the people that I know and there is so much love.

Yesterday one of my friends came to my home and today I have talked with some of my other friends. Think that the summer has been really good. I am so glad that I am pushing myself in spite of setbacks to take me on. Indeed I have succeeded so many times. I’m doing it again, and it feels good despite the fact that I didn’t put so much emotion in this it has been. Wonderful that I finally made the final decision. Now I can really put it to the side  😛 

I have worked all summer and soon it is time to slow down a little bit. It feels okay and fits me perfectly.. I have had it so great exactly as it use to be  😛 

I will work with my upcoming music and with my blog so clearly. I have my own business to work with, and to fall back to now after the summer. It feels wonderful and I yearn for this. Then when I am working with my own business so I miss my work. This means that I found a way that works for me.

Feels really fun because this is something I fought for so long. It is for my son who I do everything for I have promised him a part of things in the future. My son is proud of me and it makes me so HAPPY  🙂 I was struggling to I should be able to give my son what I have promised. Everything takes time but slowly but surely we will take us closer to our common goal for the future. Everything for you MY BELOVED SON screenshot_2017-05-20-22-16-45.jpg…..







Take Care Of Each Other 

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 

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