Amazingly Wonderful :)

17884630_1228102760646137_6313495232815833993_nIn my whole life so I have always been so loyal to others to progress to the end was that I lived in as a cult. Opinions were not mine in the end and I stopped living and became something that others wanted, that I would be. Today so trying these people still propagate this sect resembled the invention. Something that suggests a behavior that is not healthy. You have to let other people be. It can be as it has become now with how I handle this. It has become so that I’ve stopped caring about what others want to show up all the time that so perfectly. It is not my responsibility anymore to work for. I have my life and what I want to do in the future. But it will not be released until and then, I get to leave this situation as been around for so long. From a tragedy continued in another, where a part only see their own world all the time. 

Okay for me but I have given up my faith that it will be good in some situations. Therefore I take away my feelings in it all for they really have no where to do. It is not right to keep someone else’s perfect facade is the violation. It is not right that I who have taken me all the way here to have to endure all these abuses and dissatisfaction. Is it not time that these people start to examine themselves instead of all the time to look after the bunch of errors at me. What I’m doing. What I should have done. Point out with nice words and smiles that I am not good enough as I am.I must have a proper attraction force that some people believe that it is free to carp down on me. It goes for a while and it goes a few years. This has worked very well over a long period. Thanks and Applause to You, but now is the show end 😛 

It will feel amazingly wonderful now because I am in another crossroads in my life. A road that I should have taken a long time ago but because of the circumstances and feelings so I stood still. Also, my belief in change made that I got stuck. Go there long enough and my patience is exhausted as it is now, it is time for change.
You know that feeling that feels so good when you closed the other emotions? I have really missed this prosperous. I am worthy to feel good and I have fought hard to be able to have this balance that I have. There is so much within me that makes me so strong. My internal forces have been strengthened now in the past.
 Haha and really today 😛 


Nothing is impossible and I am a problem solver. I think outside the box and it takes me always forward. Just give me time and everything will be good. Chatting with my most Wonderful Friend yesterday who known me for a long time. So now is the future and the question is ………. ??

Are you ready for this ?

I am as Ready as I Can Be 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😉 
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I dont have a Housewife


Honesty towards oneself is something that I think is very important. I know how I want to live my life and I have plans for the future. It can be difficult for other people to let other people be. What is the right way for one person may be something that is not working at all in someone else’s life. I prioritize as I do and I give priority to different than what people who are not single make. I do not have a steady relationship since time immemorial who stand and applaud in everything that I do. I don’t have a housewife, who takes care of my home. It makes that I, as a single with my son a priority in a different way to existing our everyday life. Structure things up and get everyday life to function very well is something that I am very good at. It is so easy for those of you who live a completely different life find lots of things about my life that you don’t have a clue about how it really is. I am a warrior and I used to sit awake the whole night and figure out how I should plan the future so it will be as good as possible. Many do not know where the limits are and it is shameful that it is so difficult to let other people be. It is shameful to think that it is that you yourself do and think is so amazing that you ignore who it is that offends and what are the relationships that you destroy.

It really does not need to be the people who should understand who you are and who you have known the longest, who actually understand who you are. Want to know who you are and who loves you for who you are. But everyone I know knows who I am except a few people. But it is these few people who are trying to teach me that what one feels does not play any role. The main thing is what other people think about you and your reputation. I’d rather be hated for myself. Than loved for all the time I tried to be a person that these few people want me to be. To constantly strive to meet others ‘ requirements in order to be loved and respected I don’t feel like my first priority. To violate a man through a smile while you say you want my best is the real entertainment at a high level. Distance and balance between how much you should turn off is a job all of the time and that takes much of my energy. Right now, I have not so much energy that I want. But I live in reality and understand that most of the people that I know. I understand that it can be difficult to understand everything I do and not do. But how I live my life should be up to me but I may never be left alone which results in inaction.

Just to help other people doesnt means that you own them like you own things. I am not a chattel to I receive help. Often hear that I am not good enough as I am and that what I’m doing and fighting for all the time is not good enough.

But do you know what?
You are wrong and you are not the best in the whole world and I don’t want to hang out with people like you. So stay there in your bubble so I continue to get the respect and love of the whole world instead.
I love to be creative and I’m not afraid if people think I’m weird or not like everyone else. But that is the fear all the time of people who have a large control needs. It is losing its control. They break you down and tries to mould you into someone who is easy to control. They often try to get you to be unsure when it comes to how you should be and behave when there are other people around. 


Have you not learned anything about life ?

Have you not learned anything about me?

Do you not know who I am?

You have no idea about most of what you want it to seem like you have. You are trapped in your bubble for it is safety and it is a choice that you have made. But I choose not to be drawn into this bubble of yours. It has long been a tug-of-war. You have lost what you thought I was, and what you deep down wanted to be I that I never was. You have lost and it was fixed. It is default when you have unreasonable demands on other people and now it has become as it has become. It’s easy to let people act how they want just because they get away by manipulating reality for themselves in order to feel good.

Haha 😛  no I was not, as some people wanted me to be and I’m so happy about this  😛 !

It’s when you take away the things that people have of you that you can finally be free and have you stopped to bother you so it is much easier 😛 

Wish you all a Great Weekend all my Lovely People  😛 


Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
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People From All Countries Are Welcome To Read My Blog :)


Hi the World 😛  it would be really fun if you could comment on from which country you come from who read my blog. All nationalities are Welcome to write from which country you are from 😀 

I love different countries ‘ flags and not just the Swedish Flag, but it is because I like different people. I like the culture and the differences and similarities between people. We live here on this Earth together and we need to cooperate and agree to work with each other together and not be afraid of each other. Unfortunately, there are many people who are so fanatical in what they believe is the only way and they are not content just to find what they like, but they do not care about what stands in the way. But I would argue that we are many more who want peace here on earth and we want to have an earth left. All the evil that exists in this World is created by people and that means it is our task as humans is to destroy that which destroys our fellow human beings and our beautiful earth. galaxy-2150186__340

Don’t give up it will work out, even though it may be hard to believe on it in difficult times. But it is the hope that goodness will prevail that will save this world. It is the love of our fellow human beings, who will carry the future.

We agree that goodness will prevail we are moving together as a united people for the Future. It is about following your heart deep inside for no one is born evil.

Take care of each other and spread the Love 😛 
Comment which country you are from ?
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😀 
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Happy Easter :)

Bought some  Easter things to my son now for the weekend which made my son so happy. I have worked with some different training now the last few days and today I would have a day of rest, but it was not so. I slept a little longer today it took a good many hours before I woke up to and could work with it as I would do. So now I have a little pain in my arms but it feels good 😛 
20170412_182141.jpgSo Cute one 😛 
It has become so now in recent times that at about 20:00 in the evening so I must put me in bed for my body not be bothered. I get the big pain in the body and become really tired in the head. But it is not because I am a part of the data or I touch me for a bit. It is something that has arisen more and more in recent time. I do a lot to counteract this, and it works great. When it comes to my health so I quick to change how I live for it to be better.


Will be a quiet weekend here I collect energy to all that I shall do. It will be to have good routines of sleep and clean at home I like it when it is clean but still homely. Now it’s only 30 minutes until I really should shut down the computer, but I have a little bit left to do. I looked often in the various movies before in the evening but I can’t do that right now. It is just wonderful to have it quiet 😛 

Have the Best My Lovely  listeners and readers  😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl
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Smycken som Glimmar och är Magiska se här


I samarbete med som är en webshop så har jag fått äran att kunna skriva och visa upp jätte fina smycken här på min blogg . De har så fina billiga smycken och armband samt halsband har otroligt vackra stilrena smycken. Jag har kollat på alla smycken och tänkte först länka till de 3 smycken på Amaze som jag tycker är finast och som jag själv gärna skulle vilja ha. Det slutade i alla fall med att jag inte kunde sluta att titta på dessa vackra ringar, örhängen och armband, och det slutade med att jag nu tänker visa er vilka 10 smycken som jag fastnat extra för. Ni kommer se att jag fastnat lite mer speciellt för Caroline Svedbom’s smycken.

Jag gillar smycken som man kan ha både till fest och till vardags. När det gäller smycken så är jag mycket kräsen och jag bär inte vad som helst så detta var riktigt intressant att skriva om. Även att välja ut 10 olika smycken som jag skulle kunna tänka mig att bära. Nu gick det snabbt från 5 st till 10 olika smycken och armband samt örhängen som jag vill ha 😛 

dione-earrings-crystal-white-opal-1 Magiska Underbara ÖrhängenJag skulle använda dem vid mycket speciella tillfällen. Högtider och festligheter som nyårsafton och stora tillställningar. Invigningar och vid större kalas. De är mycket vackra och definitivt några av mina favoriter.
Örhängena är riktigt fina och jag är kär i dess underbara färg. Gillar att de är vackra och stilrena med en unik känsla av styrka. Classic drop earrings burgundy gold
ring burgundy  Denna grymt coola ring tycker jag är ursnygg.
Exklusive och maffig ring med vackra stenar på. Den här häftiga ringen skulle jag alltid vilja bära. Annie Ring
Oxxo Fjäderörhänge  Vackra enkla örhängen som passar bra att använda nu i vår och sommar. Tänker på underbara sommar kvällar men även när man sitter på något cafe och softar.
Elegant fint armband som passar mycket bra till att bära till både shoppingrundan och till fest. Jag gillar uppbyggnaden på armbandet och det ser så fint ut med dynamiken mellan guld och svart. assymetriskt armband
CLASSIC DROP EARRING  Vackra örhängen som jag tycker passar till både vardags och till fest. Här är det även färgen som jag tycker är underbar.
Tidlös magnifik ring som är väldigt speciell och mycket vacker. Pretty stone ring rose
Ava Bracelet rose  Vackert sött och unikt armband med många små detaljer.
Naturligt vackert fint armband. Stilrent och snyggt. mini drop bracelet vintage rose


Detta är min önskelista om jag fick välja fritt 10 olika smycken hos 😀

Vore jätte kul att få höra just vilka smycken som du gillar mest?

Kommentera gärna vilka smycken som ni mina läsare skulle vilja ha ?


Ha det Bäst Många Kramizar från MinikeGirl 😛

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Love Will Always Prevail



Love will always prevail and it is in difficult times that we see it more clearly. Not even satanismens principal devil is someone who gives without taking even the soul as it is said. To be in cahoots with someone like that and then believe that after their horrific acts to become someone or get something when you die is not true. If the devil wants your soul do you really think that the one that you believe in will give you gold and green Forests. What happens is that you embarrass yourself and your people but your people who think like you think what you do is right. It is so wrong for not enough to agree to go in the same direction in this self-destructing so it will be the next step. 

When you grow up, there are many who think that you should be and think and think in a special way. So is it still when you are grown up. I remember that it was quite normal to sit and pray to God and go in the church. It was something that was normal and nothing strange that the man went to the church and confirmed. The older I got, the more questioning I become to everything regarding this with the total devote their lives to a God. Whatever it is for a God and religion so it’s not about to hurt each other in the Godsname. Had God had a will that we would do exactly what God wants so God did not created us as diverse as we are and with all of our different wills. God had created us all the same and we had been like robots to obey your every command that God sent out. That religion is fine so long as it may be fine. When the basic ideas of each religion is perceived in a healthy way. When religions are interpreted with love and not with hatred. If I was God, and put people and life to the world because I love the people and the world so I would create more people who took care of each other and the world. I would stop creating the people who ruin it for each other and especially using my name to kill it as I actually have created. Those who do so I would not put more time and effort on when I upgrade the earth. I also would not welcome them to paradise, but I would study what was totally wrong in my creation. I want to have such a beautiful world as possible and those who ruin it for others in my name, I can not continue to create.

But I am not God and I wouldn’t want to be nor more than a day to arrange it that we the people not done so well. But since I do not believe in a God but have my own faith in my own purpose here on earth so may I as a fellow human to other people to do what I can. I know that cohesion and Love for their fellow human beings is a religion that I know are real. It is about taking care of this earth and to gree to take care of all the human beings. Spread the love, respect and understanding of our differences and similarities.

Love Respekt and Understanding  ……..
Peace and Love …..
Take Care Of Each Other ……
Many Hugs from MinikeGirl 😀
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Pleases Me Tremendously :)

MinikeGirl singer songwriter

A lot of work as usual but it feels so inspiring and fun everything. When I’m not writing blog posts or working on my music so it is a lot of work behind the scenes which are made all the time. This is for it to be as good as possible and even though I have my Webmaster so I am with in every process that is done. I hope that my next song is released soon, for it is in Swedish and is called the Protected address Skyddad Adress.

I write many different songs and will soon begin to focus on the additional songs I should do.
Hold on and wait for myself some there has been a lot in the past and has not calmed down is that it is all the time raised a lot of new things that has made everything take longer. Therefore, I only need to be right now and not have too much stress around me. If you do not take care of yourself when it is like this so it can happen that you do not come out of your situation, and it think not, I allow that it becomes so.
Have spent very much time thinking about how I want it in the future with everything. It is important that I get to act and control everything on my terms and it is important that I not be disturbed in my way to manage my choices. It is important to see how far I have come and what a journey I have done, instead of complaining and think I should do more all the time. It is most important that I run in my pace as usual 😀 

A thousand Thanks for all the Nice messages about my song Overjoyed Mother it pleases me tremendously :

Have a Lovely Day all my Lovely People 😛 
Many Hugs from Minikegirl 😛 
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Electrick Eden Festival -Stockholm i Hagaparken


WARONCANCERI samarbete med Electrick Eden Festival som kommer att hållas i Stockholms Vackra Park – Hagaparken nu i Sommar 2017.

17 Juni är det:   Electrick Eden Festival

Startar:   14.00 och håller på till kl 24.00.

Var: Koppartälten, Hagaparken, Stockholm


Electric Eden Festival = Music & Conscience. 

Att ha roligt känns bra. Att göra bra känns fantastiskt.  


Den första heldagen av ”Music & Conscience” kommer att äga rum på en historisk plats i Stockholm; vid Koppartälten i vackra Hagaparken. Den unika kopparbyggnaden stod färdig 1790 på order av Gustav III, och den 17e juni kommer parken återigen att stå i centrum för Stockholms nöje och glädje. Electrick Edens presenteras i samarbete med #WARONCANCER – en social mediaplattform som ger cancerpatienter och deras familjer en röst, samt stöd från likasinnade (

Alla som köper en biljett till Festivalen (300kr) kommer även att få ett #WARONCANCER armband (värde 239 kr) och stödja detta projekt.

Passa på och fixa  biljetter nu i god tid  så att  ni kan gå på Electrick Eden Festival nu i sommar #WARONCANCER

För video och biljetter gå till

Ha det Bäst Önskar MinikeGirl 😀

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Finest :)

Overjoyed Mother

A thousand thanks for a very nice and wonderful bloggportal 😀 

You can probably understand to some degree how happy I am to blogging here, but you will probably never be able to understand how deep my feelings and gratitude.

I get a really good understanding of how I work and am as a person. I can was so eager and there are always so many thoughts flying around in my head about everything.

IMG_4241 has given me even more hope for the future and a place were I can be myself. Through the :  

I feel that it is here I can unleash my forces. I am trying to create a long-term work somewhere where I can feel free. Music, and my blog is my refuge and place where I can be myself. Many want me to explain for they can not understand the whole this thing with blogging. They understand that it’s fun to make music and to blogging but certainly not to the degree that I do all of this.
Are you sitting and pondering how it is that blogging as I think it is worth that you try it on. You who have followed me for long, know what this all means for me. Before I had the opportunities to make music as I do today and also be able to upgrade my blog so it felt like I was stuck. But not anymore, which feels absolutely wonderful 😀 


I think 20 years of planning ahead when it comes to my music and my blog. When it comes to my son and his future so I have made a proper structure for my son to be able to feel as free as he can in his life. My son’s future is the most important. Therefore, I am looking to create many long-term goals that will benefit my son in the future. It is very much work but my son’s future is his.

My son understand such things as adults people do not have understood during my lifetime. It is not only that, he nods and agrees, but he explain why he understands and he speaks in parables. It pleases me so much that it is so. I will describe more another time. But I want you to understand that my blogging and my music creation is not just something that I do for myself anymore but for my son also.  

He is very versed in both my blog and in my music. My son has a very good ear and he is good on the details. Are there any instruments that are too loud or are there any sounds that need to be raised?
I am very careful with my own health and it is why I train like I do. The football boots that I bought for myself last summer, I will rip apart now in total this summer. I’ll be playing much football with my son.

Overjoyed Mother

Many Hugs From MinikeGirl The Overjoyed Mother 😛 

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Overjoyed Mother Success :)

Felt absolutely wonderful when my new track Overjoyed Mother was  released yesterday :-D.

It only took a minute after its release as a radio station, wrote these nice lovely words about my song Overjoyed Mother :

Overjoyed Mother is also added on another radio station so it feels really fun. It even feels really good that I will soon have one of my songs out soon 😀 Get big many fine messages of my friends who follow my blog and my musical journey. It heats up so much in my heart you mean more than gold to me. I have recently fascinated me very much to both my blog and my music I feel so terribly good when I can work with this exactly as I do. It feels like absolutely the right direction for me and I like to be able to live in my creativity.


 Now I’m going to put myself down and make more Music 😛 
Take Care Of Each Other  😀 
Many Hugs From MinikeGirl 😛
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