I was a crime victim

While I was in Melbourne, Australia last month, I stopped by the Crown Casino to play a little poker. Anyone who has ever been inside a casino knows that it’s the safest-feeling place in the world. Cameras and security everywhere, you’d never think a crime could occur.

Imagine my surprise when I looked down to see that my cell phone, which had been sitting on the beverage table three inches away from me, was gone! Never mind that my cell phone is virtually useless in Australia given that the network it shares doesn’t exist there. Never mind that no harm came to me nor to any of my loved ones. Never mind that replacing it only costs $100. I was mortified!

Watching the video surveillance footage later and seeing my unknown perpetrator audaciously help himself to my personal property was horrifying. The feeling of betrayal, bewilderment, and violation that I felt was much stronger than my rational mind knows it should have been.

I can only imagine how victims of violent crime feel. This larceny has me losing sleep at night! Still, if you’re going to be the victim or a crime, having your cell phone stolen out from under your nose is probably the one you’d choose.

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