Just got back to Stockholm after a couple of intense, interesting and rewarding days at the international film festival in Cannes. So was it worth going? Did my trip and experience turn out to be what I expected? Do I believe that something will actually come out of it for the future?? The answer will have to be a clear;  -Yes, most definitely!

So does this come from me being extra ordinary or just extra lucky?? Of course not! I just know that, simply by ”showing up”, be present and (like I wrote earlier) able to grasp the moment I was exposed to new opportunities making new connections. Some of them more concrete but also some that I might not discover fruitful until a couple of years from now :)) But what I mainly discovered this time around is that, for me, it might not be the ”running around like crazy, booking meetings after meetings”, (even though that sometimes helps too!) that works the best for me! I discovered that it´s probably more about being totally open and present to whatever comes your way. So how did I figure this?

Three years in a raw I went to the equivalent festival in Cannes but for the music business called Midem. As the CEO of my own record company I always booked most of my meetings beforehand and my calendar was often full. At those many meeting my goal was always very clear. To promote myself as an artist and performer. Some of my meetings was definitely successful, but afterwards I have also recognized that at some of them, I might simply have tried too hard.

So therefore this time around I decided to just go with the flow and not focus to much on an ”fantastic, extra ordinary and smart game plan” 😉 And guess what… instead of chasing the opportunities around, they actually came to pay ME a visit! 🙂

If you have a clear goal on where you want to go next, acknowledge it and say yes to your ”windows of opportunity”, all you have to do after that is to simply show up!” Stay open and things will come your way by themselves just like they were supposed to!

I´m not saying you shouldn’t have a clear goal, (that´s usually necessary), but sometimes it´s more crucial to just stay present.

Here´s an example on what I mean. Many were the mingle parties we went to during our days at the festival and I’m sure I made a few new connection here and there. But the most successful get together for me must have been the one held on Monday evening. Funny thing is that this was also the only event that was not planned ahead and something we just stumbled over. Even though we had no invitation, we just went in with an open mind thinking that ”whatever, here we are, why not, let’s just check it out” mode. ;)) So here we were, two women, laughing, planning our next collaboration around my next music video, not paying too much attention to the crowd around us. Suddenly a photographer wanted to take my photos. A TV station decided that I was the first one to interview, another amazingly warmhearted lady (which we didn’t know beforehand) suddenly seemed to see as her mission to send interesting people our way. So after a short 30 minutes or so… there we were, sitting in a sofa greeting people left and right. Instead of intentionally giving out our business cards, producers, casting people and writers actually came up and asked for ours.

The fact that this event also ended with all the guests holding hands, singing the British national song was a just a biiiiiiit unexpected and weird but that’s another story… ;))

So my point and what I strongly believe is (once again), that to recognize your ”window of opportunity”, grasp it, stay present and simply SHOW UP is what really matters and makes the difference! Simple as that!




”Windows of opportunity”


I’m in Cannes! At the film festival… Something that started with just a thought, as an idea is now reality. Another ”window of opportunity” that came along. I truly believe that this is how it works. When things end up on our ”table”, they usually do that for a reason. And then it’s up to you if you grasp that moment or not!

Usually when I do something I’m well prepared, I have a game plan and a clear goal. Yesterday on the plane to Cannes I was thinking that this time it’s different. This time I decided to just go with the flow! With an open mind, loads of curiosity and excitement, this time, I’m just in for the ride. How refreshing… :))

But something on a much deeper level still works exactly the same… Like so often before I managed to acknowledge and grab the ”window of opportunity” that came along. And for the ability to so often see and recognize these opportunities… I will be forever grateful!

We will all receive our ”windows of opportunity” throughout our lives… The question is if we’re brave enough to follow them and our instincts or not!? Real question is;  What do we have to lose??? :)))

Let the games begin!!


My ”living room!”

Dear Blog, do you remember that ”living room”, that very special place that I was searching for and wanted to find so desperately also over here… back home. That special place where I could perform every week, invite my friends and do what I believe I do best which is to make people happy with my music. Dear blog… tonight I was there! Singing my heart out and the happiness I felt is hard to describe. Why? Haven´t you been performing at big international stages, in front of big crowds across the world, making a living doing only music for the last 8 years by now, you might think! Yes, that´s absolutely true but this thingy tonight had nothing to do with that at all! Tonight was about bringing that very special feeling, that I always feel inside when singing on some stage abroad, home! To connect that part of me that believe that I can do anything and sing on any stage internationally to that person that I sometimes become (only in my own head) once back in Sweden. Some old hang up that´s been bothering me!

So tonight performance was something big on a much deeper level for me! And tonight we rocked, people danced and the love we received back was more than we could have asked for. Finally I understood (in my heart) that I´m truly the same, as a person and as a performer no matter where I am in the world. Just like one of my first hit songs, “Color Of Love” from my first album, describes it. My music will always come from my heart and tonight I proved to myself that that’s true in every sense. Tonight I found my “living room “ not only in Dubai but also here in Sweden. So what did I learn tonight!? I learned, once again to always face my fears, no matter how small or big, to always ask for what I wish for, do my affirmations well, put myself out there and jump! :))

Next week I´m performing again, same place, same time! At my new found “living room” here in Stockholm. I wish come true and exactly what I asked for! The gratitude I feel for the gift I once must have received from somewhere is overwhelming. The gift  to locate my fears, face them and constantly put my as on the line even though I sometimes fail. Without failures, no victories they say! So true… Failure is part of life! But it´s about how many times we get up on the horse again that counts right…

With a happy smile on my face I wish you all a good night! Thank you for tonight and to some of you for making my night with your presence… Love u!

Tomorrow of to Cannes and the film festival. Another affirmation come true. 🙂 Grateful…

Love Tess

Tess performs at the Fox Movies event




Det har inte alltid varit så men på senare år har jag lärt mig att försöka lyssna mycket mer till det inre. Att känna igen när något intressant landar på mitt bord eller kommer i min väg även om det inte alltid har en direkt anknytning till dit jag vill nå härnäst. Att känna tillit… hur omöjligt det än kan kännas just för ögonblicket.

Vill ge ett exempel…

Jag har ju försörjt mig och levt min dröm som sångerska de senaste 8 åren. Vi har spelat på många fantastiska venues runt världen men på senare år har det huvudsakliga fokuset legat på Dubai där jag sjungit 6 dagar i veckan under vinter halvåren. Något som blivit en livsstil vid det här laget och den tacksamhet jag känner över just detta är svår att beskriva. Att kunna ge, inte bara mig själv men också mina små änglar denna fantastiska möjlighet är något jag inte tar för givet.

Med Sverige som mitt hemland har jag dock känt mer och mer de senaste åren att det vore fint att även finna den där speciella platsen, ”Mitt vardagsrum” som jag kallar det, även på hemmaplan. En plats där jag har möjlighet att sjunga live, bjuda in vänner och skapa det där som får mig att må så bra. Att få känna mig som en ”riktig” artist vilket jag gör som allra mest när jag får sjunga live ofta, mycket och möta en publik.

Så däri har alltså min affirmation legat den senaste tiden… att hitta detta ”mitt vardagsrum” även här hemma vilket inte är helt lätt i dagens Stockholm med allt för få live scener. En situation som jag är säker på att många artister känner igen. Men oförutsägbara är livets alla vägar…

Bestämde mig i januari för att gå Cinemantrix fantastiska filmskådespeleri kurs. Också detta en chans att utveckla och förverkliga det som ligger mig närmast hjärtat. Efter kursens gång nappade jag på kursledarnas förfrågan om mitt intresse att sköta en del av deras PR inför deras kommande kurser, öppet hus etc. Detta hade då ingen direkt anknytning till den väg jag ser för mig själv men jag kände ändå att det kunde vara givande och eftersom jag också älskar att omge mig med kreativa och inspirerande människor, tackade jag glatt ja.

I en annan del av världen 😉 nämnde en nära vän och en trogen supporter av min musik för en DJ han kände att denna borde lyssna på min musik (vad vore vi utan våra vänner och supporters !? 🙂 Resultatet…  ett live framträdande på klubben där denna DJ spelade samt ett förslag om att jag verkligen borde gå med i en specifik artist och live giggs förmedling han kände till. Sökte därför inom kort upp denna och fick snabbt en personlig kontakt.

Hur hänger då detta ihop?

Jo, när Cinemantrix sedan ville marknadsföra sin nästa filmskådespeleri kurs så kom det sig naturligt att jag föreslog att vi lade upp deras annons även på just denna artist förmedling där jag nyss blivit medlem själv. Då jag fått så bra kontakt med sajtens grundare vid uppstarten av mitt medlemskap fick även han snart en brilliant idé. ”Med tanke på dina tidigare erfarenheter skulle du ju vara som klippt och skuren för ett ny öppnat ställe som söker live musik 7 dagar i veckan”.

I förra veckan hade jag möte med just detta ställe och där var det… ”Mitt vardagsrum”. Vägen dit var inte rak… men tillfället kom till mig på andra vägar just för att jag vant mig vid att tänka lite bredare. Hade jag inte valt att t.ex. hjälpa till och promota en kurs som gett mig otroligt mycket och som jag är säker på kan inspirera andra, även fast vägen dit inte var rak, så hade jag heller aldrig hittat mitt ”vardagsrum”. Simple as that! 🙂

Det är alltid bättre att göra än att inte göra alls. Ibland misslyckas vi men utan dessa misslyckanden kommer vi heller aldrig att lyckas. Det enda som är helt säkert är att varje val vi gör alltid tar oss vidare och öppnar nya dörrar vi kanske aldrig annars kunnat förutse…

Kärlek Tess

Therese Neaime - Sold To Perfection 8...

Tess at the What's On Awards8

Tess at the What's On Awards1

Dags för Cinemantrix sommarkurs i filmskådespeleri!

Kära blogg,

Ett bra tag sedan jag besökte dig nu men fick feeling igen och tänkte att vad kunde vara bättre än att plocka upp dig på nytt med ett inlägg om en fantastisk kurs jag gått! :)) Så… kära vänner, se hit! Nu är det dags igen för Cinemantrix sommarkurs i filmskådespeleri. En intensiv kurs jag verkligen kan rekommendera för alla som drömmer om en framtid som skådespelare. Trycket på kursen ökar för varje kurs tillfälle. Rabatt om du anmäler dig innan den 15 maj.


Nedan läs om min egen upplevelse när jag deltog i denna fantastiskt berikande kurs:

”Under våren 2015 bestämde jag mig för att gå en fem veckor lång kurs i filmskådespeleri via Cinemantrix med Hans Montelius och Jonas Larsson som ledare. Kursen bestod av fem intensiva helger fyllda utav nya utmaningar, oerhört värdefulla verktyg och en klarare inblick hur det fungerar i filmbranschen. Jag lärde mig att hela tiden utgå från mig själv i mitt skådespeleri, att hämta inspiration från mitt eget liv och vikten av att vara närvarande i varje ögonblick, vilket också hjälpt mig och gjort mig mer uppmärksam även i mitt vardagsliv. Jag lärde mig så otroligt mycket och är oändligt tacksam för att jag tog även detta steg på vägen mot mot mina drömmar. Jag vill tacka Hans och Jonas för en otroligt lärorik kurs och för att jag fick den här chansen. Jag beundrar också allt arbete som de båda lagt ner på att få denna kurs så innehållsrik och givande som möjligt. Med ett stort kunnande och fantastiskt inspirerande gästlärare kan jag verkligen rekommendera denna kurs för alla som vill förverkliga sitt eget skådespeleri”.

So here we go again… was debating with myself whether it would be a wise idea to go to Cannes to attend at the Midem once again!? I did participate back in 2008 and 2009 which turned out to be a great and a very valuable experience. So why would I not attend this year!? With a new album in my hand, already somewhat established in some parts of the world, the timing would most probably never be better!?

So here I am, been sending out various requests since yesterday morning for possible meetings for licensing, with booking agencies’ for live concerts, new collaborations, management etc. to music industry people all around the world. And much to my joy the list of confirmed meetings with people from Germany, UK, US, France, Spain, Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Singapore and East Europe keeps growing J Such a great opportunity to get the chance to connect with music people from all over there world no matter the outcome and I feel blessed that I have the chance. Two weeks to go and I´m glad I took the decision to go for it… What to lose!? 😉 Looking forward and fingers crossed!

Love Tess

 “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm”  


“The height of your accomplishments will equal the depth of your convictions”


Words of Gratitude!

Dear Friends,

The year is coming to its end and once again I feel so filled with gratitude towards life, my family and all of you! Thank you once again for your endless support and love for us and also for following me on my journey of music. Thinking back especially on our fall in Dubai, I´m just amazed how much we did accomplish in the end, how many wonderful people we met along the way and how much we´ve grown in so many ways. I believe we´ve become stronger 😉 just simply by doing all the work needed every day and fighting thru every possible challenge, showing that anything is possible if you just believe in it strong enough. Thank you all for pushing me to my best and for inspiring me to “keep it up”. Don’t know how to thank you enough! 

I also feel so extremely grateful for our son Lucas who brightens every day. My angel who inspires me to embrace and live my life to the fullest. The sun through the rain and my light. You own my heart and my gratitude for your existence is endless.

I think having a child, once again makes you realize what is important in life. How important it is to embrace every day, make the most of it and never take anything for granted. To be happy for the small things and live today! Not yesterday and not tomorrow!

LIFE – the fruit of endless devotion and belief!

“You are what you are by what you believe”

I wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY 2012!! A year filled with all that you wish for J

All my love to you from a white Stockholm!!


 This last seven days I have also been learning 10 new cover songs for mine and Fredrik’s (keyboard) new cover songs catalogue for some of our coming performances in the fall, a song for every occasion and a real nostalgic trip! And again, I just wanted to express how grateful I am to be able to do what I love almost every day… Of course, yes, it’s great to sing your own music and songs but oh, so much you also learn and develop your voice from singing other artists amazing music! I’m also so grateful to have someone like my best friend Fredrik who throws 20-30 new cover songs at me now and then for me to learn… of course I could pick them myself but this way I might find songs that I never thought of, other songs that I say to myself, “oh THIS one, the one I always wanted to sing” or just “this one, is he nuts”!? J But I know that all the songs are always very wisely picket by Mr. Fredrik 😉 since he, after playing together for more than 10 years now, knows better than anyone what my voice needs best to develop… And of course it’s also very handy to be able to blame ”The keyboard player” if the choice of song is not the best! 😉  

So because of all of the above, I’ve been feeling extremely grateful this week, putting the music up loud to sing my heart out and then when seeing Lucas join in for a dance… the joy has been overwhelming! Thank you thank you… 

Now of to the studio to continue working on my own music… very inspired!   

So Mr. Fredrik… these are the 10 new cover songs down for this week… Check!! J  


    1. Whataya want from me – Adam Lambert 
    2. Stay the night – James Blunt 
    3. Strong Enough – Cher 
    4. Grenade – Bruno Mars 
    5. Need you now – Lady Antebellum 
    6. Soldier of Love – Sade 
    7. Just the way you are – Bruno Mars 
    8. Knowing me, knowing you – Abba 
    9. Money, money, money – Abba
      Just dance – Lady Gaga




Yesterday when I walked home in beautiful Stockholm, strolling with Lucas in the stroller and our two little Chihuahuas, I just felt such an inner happiness that I’m simply around to see the sun, watch all the beautiful people on the streets, sitting at various coffee shops, or just simply on their way somewhere. My mother once said, ”If I could only be around to see what happens, to be able to just have for example one more dinner with you, your father and your brother”! A simple, often taken for granted ”everyday” thing but, so beautiful but yet impossible if you have a time limit to your life…  That’s what she said 10 years ago…

So mom, today walking in the sun, I feel that I’m happy and blessed to just be here and “around”… so beautiful in itself!

That day 10 years ago you also said, “I’m so afraid that you will be disappointed if you don’t succeed with your dream”. And I answered, “If I don’t try, the chance that I will be disappointed is 100 % but if I do, at least I will know that I tried! So mom, I kept trying and today I am living my dream… why!? You see, I make a living, even do I sometimes hardly get around but I DO make a living, doing what I love which is making people happy with my singing and with my songs and music . I sometimes make them want to dance and I reach them with my words. I travel around the world and meet people that often seem to love what I do… mom, last week I was in Dubai performing, and one of the nights I did a performance for my new sponsor, Volkswagen. I was supposed to sing for 45 minutes, entertaining all the possible car buyers, the rich Saudis’, the Omanis’ and other influent people… After my 45 min was up, they told me that, “The clients just cancelled their dinner since they rather spend the evening dancing and listening to you!” So I sang and sang, for 3 hours in a raw and every time I tried to stop they wanted more… mom, I made people happy and kept them dancing… I pulled every song I had in my catalogue, I sang “I will Survive” at least 3 times 😉 along with my own music and at the end they were all singing along to my own song “Everything”… Such a wonderful, warm, loving and unforgettable evening… So mom, yes, I did succeed simply because I sometimes can make people happy and by doing that, it makes me very happy too.

That night, ten years ago, you also said, “I don’t want you to miss the other race, being so focused on your music! The race of having a family and racing your own child”… Mom I know, and like your other words, they always stayed with me… but mom, he’s here now!! And of course you know this already!  J Little angel Lucas, the best thing in the world… travelling with me to every corner of this world! I have not spent a day without him yet, simply because I just can’t… He’s already dancing and he’s very un scared of everything. He’s extremely social since he meets people all the time and  he already knows what a sound check is and he already recognized his mom’s singing… J He’s, just like you said, simply the biggest blessing of them all…

So mom, am I happy!? Yes, mostly I feel extremely blessed, happy and very grateful for so many things, but if you ask me today the answer would be no, simply because you’re not here to see that I’m doing good, to share Lucas everyday happenings with you and simply be able to say that “now we’re going to see grandma”! To be able to call you and tell you all the exciting things that is going on, or just discuss my worries about the future, ask for your advice or just share my happiness about Lucas…! The fact that I can’t simply sucks! But I also know that you’re with us somehow and that you’re watching over us always… don’t think Lucas would be here otherwise 😉 And luckily I also have papa and my brother there… the family that you once started and which of course I love more than I can write in words!

Mom, miss you more that I can express in any way, today and every day, but with these words I just wanted you to know that I remember all that you said and that I’m doing my best to not waste any of the invaluable days that I’ve been given! I do my best to try and live every day as the last and to do the most of it all and I also try to see all the beautiful small “everyday” blessings that we so often take for granted! The day you left us, ten years ago, I promised myself to go for my dream and make the most of my life, no matter how tuff it seems sometimes, since life is too short and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since even though it’s not always easy like for all of us! But at least I try… like I promised you!

My song to you from 2005:

(T.Neaime / F.Stromberg)

If I could have another moment with you
If I could only bring you back when morning comes
If I could hold your hand one more time and let you know
How I fall without you, I am drowning in deep water

And I wish I would have told you how you made me who I am

Without your wisdom it will never be the same, since 


The night has come
And left us in the darkest cold
The night has come
With memories of you that never fade
Everything is different, since
The night has come
And your endless journey has begun

Even in your deepest fear you gave me strength

Like a flower knows the rain you fought thru pain

You fell like a leaf without a choice

But I still wonder why, you had to leave in the middle of your life


And I am sorry for the words we never said

And I regret, I was to scared to say goodbye, and now 




The moon will rise the sun will set

The moon will rise the sun will set

Still, I promise you that I will live and I won’t forget 


Love you with all my heart!

Your daughter!


(Lucas already 15 months)

Photos by Katharina Sherman


Dear friends,
my new single is now officially released and we’ve come a long way!
“Lovers Lullaby”, another milestone, is now out and my second album is also close to finished and waiting to be released shortly. Exciting times and I feel grateful… so grateful mostly for the never ending passion we have for what we do, even dough it very often proves to not be easy at all, for the never ending desire we feel to prove that it’s actually possible and for all the wonderful people close to me that make it happen. So many walls to climb, so many bridges to cross and so many rounds to win with every little step, so often so much easier to give up… but still, with 100 % determination, yes, I’ve learned that with less than that, it’s just not possible… we try to make it happen… with tiny steps, we climb the ladder to our goals, we make it possibility to live out our dream, we continue to reach people with our hearts and passion traveling the world doing what we love to do but most of all, we try our best to continue on the path we started, the path of music, sharing our journey together with as all the wonderful people we meet along the way!! For the ones closest to me, I cannot explain in words how I feel for you… thank you for believing and staying with me!!
Thank you all again for your love and support and I hope you like the new website and enjoy our new song… ”Lovers Lullaby”… the Lullaby for you all tonight, tomorrow and the day after!!
Love you

”Lovers Lullaby” (L.Eriksoon, M.Eriksson, T.Neaimé)