Fuck Love!!!

OPS, I came up with just one thing that people used to say. Have you thought about your guy or your girl, used to say that you did not get to do something that they do not want you to do.

[Guess why?]

I have found out that it they do not want you to do, do them yourself, they have already done it and will do it several more times.

[Why mode those rules?]

Well then, let me say this to you, it’s because they are afraid of losing you, love you still can not close her legs as a girl, or guy can not not control his dick, which is the guy is just, [damn ] the ass she has, I have to fuck her today, that girl ‘is this the way, what a sweet guy and he looks good, wonder how he can be in bed, to him I must have sex with before I go home.

As a boy, a girl who looks good and want something with you and the ear of the night! I do not think we have them, most guys will think of them want a girl who waits at home, it’s your dick that thinks for us first then when you’re with her ​​when you think about your girl at home, but it’s too late, and the there is so much to do but to tell to his girlfriend.

it will take weeks if he is good he is and wants to say it. it will never come out the same day, that you can count on
And it’s the same grid for the girl too, but them, first they do is call his girlfriend kompisoch tell the whole history and so will their home and check on the guy and smile.
late so as them to your when you go and meet your friends, that she does not want you out, you might want to fuck somebody out that’s why you want out, but em do not know why you would like and what you should do out there with your friends.

so think about it, do not let some guy or girl, trying to fool you when you are together.

Love is the game, but those people do not know if that let their guy or girl to trick them. she or he fuck with his head at work, but you know .. heheheheheh, now I will not say so much. peace and love …

A little fun story!!!

A little fun story!!!

Yesterday! I was in a bar in town, and met a girl at the bar, confided over the bar, there are hotel rooms. And there lives the girl who was at the bar with me. Guess what she asked me after we got drunk. And remember that I do not know the girl and do not even know who she is! Anyway that the question was [ Would you like to follow me up in my hotel room? ] And guess what I said [ Hahahahaha!!! Two things I will never buy, IT’S WATER AND PUSSY] count on it . Hahahahaha..

Enjoy my story!!!


Enemies, Is Jealous

[TuDoG Says] Enemies, is jealous

Leave me alone, and take care of your instead.
anyway, you know, to talk shit about others,
can not you do something good for your life for once.
You do not you live yours and let me live mine.

[Thanks so much, your haters, your life, do not get better anyway]
One thing you do not know is that I will always be one step before you.
You can count on it …

TuDoG sHOW [2011-06-17]

Vi bjuder på konsert!

En manifestation mot våldet arrangerad av Tenstas Framtid!
Fredag den 17/6 förvandlas Parkeringen bakom Plusgrillen Till Haffla(Fest)Konsert för folket med några av Sveriges främsta Hiphop artister.
Lokala Hip Hop artister kommer också delta.



När: fredag 17/6 kl. 16.00-19.30
Var: TENSTA , Utomhus bakom Tunnel-Banan Plus-grilllen,
Stockholm ( Taxingegränd 30)