''swedish nationalteam star shows hes penis''

Just saw this on Nyheter24.. We droped the first episode of BYND x MDLS yesterday and there is a shot where i pull my pants down but everything is blurred so i dont see it as a problem?! Haha just cant believe why they write about this kind of stuff! If you dont like us, go f*ck yourself and mind your own business. We are young and we have shit tons of fun and thats what counts!. Thanks to all the people that likes the episode <3 If you havent seen it yet just watch it below.. Click HERE if you want to read the newspaper business.

BYND X MDLS - Ep.1 - COLORADO & ITALY from Beyond Medals on Vimeo.

31 January 2013, 19:22
72437 ggr
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  • Haha
    2013-02-04, 16:14


    Damn what a lame newspaper. Pretty sad that they have nothing better to do than to hate. If I was you I would be flattered that they found this big enough news to write about lol.
    If they found this shocking you should post A2M by BarfBags on your blog they will go bananas if they see that haha.

  • henrik
    2013-02-01, 23:32


    snygga cheerleaders :O http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=IBoF6bHrgQo#!

  • Namn
    2013-02-01, 22:20


    Snowboardens Bad Boy